Never Ending Love♥

This is a story about a girl, Casey Smith, her parents leave her to go on life by herself, when she goes for a audition for x-factor, will she meet her long lost best friend, will they get together or never see each other again,will his friends get in the way,what happens when she finds out he is world famous boyband?read to find out!


14. Private Life

*Casey's POV*

During the car ride home I must of fell asleep because when I woke up, I found myself on the couch, snuggled into something,or shall I say someone.

As I looked up to see the very comfy pillow, it turned out to be Niall

"Good evening love" he kissed my forehead

"How did I get in here?"

"Well,when we where in the car on the way home you fell asleep on me,so I carried you in here and put on the tv"

"Where is everyone?"

"Their all in the back,I wanted to stay here with you until you woke up"

Now this my friends made me blush a bright crimson (my English teacher will be proud of this word👌) red,making me turn my head towards the floor,suddenly my feet became very interesting

That was until and certain boys hand placed itself under my chin to make me face him,

"Dont look at the floor when you blush,its cute"

This only made me blush even more, to make matters worse (the blushing) he gently placed his lips onto mine, this wasn't like any of our other kisses, this kiss was just like our first,soft but passionate

Oh god how I love this boy


Me and Niall broke apart only to turn our gaze to the camera snapping noise,to find Perrie and Louis taking a picture of mine and Niall's little kissing session

"Annnnnnnnnndddd send...." Louis said

"Please tell me that is not on Twitter?" I asked for a reluctant answer

But no all I got was....

"Maybe or maybe not,but u am going to have to go with the first answer" He stated whilst walking away slowly

"Well their goes my private life" I state

"Don't worry love,it was going to happen sooner or later,just remember to ignore the hate,okay?"

"Okay" (little fault in our stars moments with the okay?okay,get it?,no?okay thennnn....)


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