Never Ending Love♥

This is a story about a girl, Casey Smith, her parents leave her to go on life by herself, when she goes for a audition for x-factor, will she meet her long lost best friend, will they get together or never see each other again,will his friends get in the way,what happens when she finds out he is world famous boyband?read to find out!


13. Beach

*Perrie's POV* (difference for once hey)

When we arrived Louis just walked right on in, we just followed

"IM HOME" he just yelled

Casey and Niall walked out hand in hand, how cute

"Everyone ready" they said at the same time

There was a group of 'hell yes' and 'BEACH' mostly from Louis

*Casey's POV *

Whilst we were on our way out I quickly grabbed my bag full of essentials for the beach (towel, sun lotion, sun glasses, hair ties, Bibby pins, and money in case there is a Starbucks on the pier)

I locked the door and headed down to the mini van

-seating order

-Louis driving

-El shot gun

-Dani on Liam's lap

-Perrie on Zayns lap

-Harry next to them

-Me and Niall in the very back

*skip car ride*

When we arrived at the beach i went and found a place to put my towel to sunbathe, Perrie,El,Dani all came and joined me as the boys all charged for the sea except for Harry. He was to caught up in staring at a girl with long blonde hair in a purple bikini.


*Harry's POV*

When we arrived at the beach I couldn't help but notice a tall,slim blonde girl tanning on the sand, me being me went over and talked to her

"Hi there" I said

"ERM hello, Harry right?"


"Bethany, but call me Beth"

She said with such a cute British accent

Her blonde hair fell the about mid-back, her blue eyes were shinning in the sun light, she wore the most cutest purple bikini yet 'DAMMNNN'

"So care to join me and the rest of my friends?"

"Sure let me just get all of stuff together" 

And with that she packed her stuff and we walked over to the others


*Casey's POV*

I swear that girl Harry us with looks so familiar, wait

"Beth?" I said shocked

"Hey Casey" she said happily

"I haven't seen you since when i last was at school"

"I know long time no see"

You see Beth was my all time BEST FRIEND before I started getting abused we would always hang out togetger , that was till Mum and Dad started drinking! We went our seperate ways when I moved

"I've missed you soooooooo much!" She explained whilst dragging the 'o'

"Here sit" I pointed to the free spot in between me and El"

I'm sure were going to be the greatest friends AGAIN!


*Niall's POV*

When me and the lads were finished mucking about in the sea we got bored so we went back over the Casey,El,Dani and some other girl?

"Hey babe" casey said sweetly

"Hi, ERM whose your friend?"

"I'm beth" she said, she had the same accent as Casey

"We used to be the greatest friends before I moved" she explained everything

"I see" with that I sat down next to Casey and dried myself off

"Anyone else hungry?"

I whinned, Casey took out a pretzel and I gladly took it

"You know me too well babe" I kissed her in the cheek

The day just flew by, we sang, threw the girls in the sea, that was classic, went for a romantic walk under the stars, started a campfire,

"What should we do tomorrow?"Zayn asked

"The fair is open tomorrow?" I said

"Yeah let's go there"

"Its getting pretty dark we should head home" El said

"Well I best be off" Beth said

"No you can stay at mine for the night?" Casey said

"Okaii yeah sure"

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