*will contain violence, cursing, and sex scenes* There's a website. It's for people doing self harm. It's mostly teenage girls Kylie Trace who just happen to go on that site every night. And you know what they say, you can meet anyone on the internet...


1. Chapter 1

Kylie's POV

The knife sank into my skin, which I didn't even wince at since I was familiar to the feeling. Even so, I gritted my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut at the feeling of my skin being cut once again. If you can't already tell, I cut. A lot. Almost once a week. Why? The same reason millions of other teenagers do it: you feel like nobody likes you, you're unwanted, hated everywhere. You're probably like, 'No please, you're worth it, somebody loves you...' Well I know for a fact that there is nobody who loves me with maybe the exception of my mom.

Ever since my dad left us, she's been really protective over me. She doesn't know I cut, and I can't tell her. If I did she'd probably like, throw out all sharp objects in the house. I have to hide the scars every day from her. She's seen one once, I told her I scratched my wrist on something, which of course she believed, having no clue about everyone hating me.

Now that you know about my problems, hi. I'm Kylie. 16, average. Nothing special about me. Actually, I'd consider myself less than average, like below everyone's standards. The fact that not one single guy in the school wants to date me and that I only have one friend who I'm not even sure I could call a friend should kind of reinforce that. There's really nothing else to say, I'm that simple.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

My alarm clock started beeping but it sounded more like someone screaming in my ear telling me to wake up. I slammed my hand on the snooze button, but missed and hit my hand on my bedside table. I groaned and propped myself up on my elbow and pressed the snooze button. I was not ready for another day in the hellhole called school. But since it didn't seem like I had a choice, I got out -more like fell out of- bed. I grabbed an oversized t-shirt with a logo to save the animals or something and running shorts. I don't really care about my appearance because I know I'll be bullied about it anyway.

I brushed my hair and put in a headband. I grabbed my bag and a hoodie as I headed out the door. I was going to put the hoodie on to cover my scars from last night but decided against it, since it was really hot out.

I walked into school, not prepared for anything that was going to happen.

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