Falling for your eyes.

I hate him... I hate everything about him. But I love him. Eurgg why does this have to happen to me?


3. temptation♡

Harry's POV:

I found Ella grabbing things out her locker. "Hey" I called. She turned round instantly. She groaned. "Go away." I sighed. I put my arm on the locker leaning over her. "I'm sorry" I whispered looking into her deep blue eyes. I looked at her lips. She was biting them. This Kinda turned me on.

She leaned forward,tempting me. She was really close to me,he lips almost touching mine. "In your dreams styles" she whispered before walking away.

She was playing hard to get. I knew she liked me. But why couldn't she show it? Her mouths telling me one thing but her eyes another. I wanted her. Bad. She was messing with my head and she was driving me out of control.

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