Love of a child

Her innocence was what made her who she is, her love made others notice her. Becaus as they say nothing compares to the love of a child. (Jared Cameron Love Story)


2. meeting Jared

Sam's POV

At some point during dinner in the midst of all the laughter and chatter going on I heard a howl. Looking over at Emily wide eyed she gave me a slight nod. "I didn't know there were wolves in this area?" My sister looked frightened at best, she had a terrified look on her face and Belle was hidden in her shirt. Although by the look on Belle's face she just wanted to go out and pet the wolf. I had to think up something fast or else my sister would never move here. "We do, but they arent harmful. Usually if someone goes into the woods and makes a little noise they leave for a while. They aren't dangerous i can assure you. But if it'll make you feel better I'll go out and check it out." She looked like she wanted to take my offer into consideration and didn't at the same time. "Dont worry about it Sam, I don't want you gettting eaten." I just laughed at that, probably not my smartest idea, however i couldn't contain it. "Vienna I'll be back in five minutes, Okay?" She nodded her head and I proceded out the door.

Once i was inside the forest line and out of sight i stripped down and phased, about ready to kill someone when I specifically told Paul and Jared not to interrupt tonight.

"Nice to see you too Sammy!"

"Paul dont test me not tonight! Now what in the hell is going on out here. didn't i tell you guys not to bother me tonight."

"Who the hell is that? Oh my god I am insane! I knew it do not listen to the giant talking wolves Embry your just having a bad dream! if you pinch yourself all of this will be over."

"See our dilema over here Sam! Embry phased about five minutes ago and is a complete head case."

"OK! EMBRY!" who was still muttering in his head shut up immediatley. "I dont have time to explain everything to you because my sister is at my house. However, go with Paul and he will explain it to you. Meet at my house tomorrow morning at eight. Got that Paul?" the silver wolf nodded his head grabbed embry and draggd him in the direction of Paul's house.

"Sam do you think your sister will mind if i come over for a bit? My mom locked me out of the house because i ran out without an explanation again."

"No she wont mind just try to act like you dont change into a giant wolf." we both laughed at that one as we got dressed and headed back into the house.

When we walked in my sister shot out of her chair and put me in a death grip. "Don't ever do that again Samuel Uley I thought you had gotten eaten." "Sorry Vi, I ran into Jared on my way back, his parents locked him out for the night so he is staying over here." She looked over at Jared for the first time and she looked shocked.

Belle's POV

Mommy is staring at the new guy i wonder why? Oh my he is tall, he is like a hundred of me. I knew giants were real, hes a giant like uncle sammy! I decided i needed to meet the giant so i got off my chair and walked over to him. "HI! My name ws Belle!" He crouched down and looked me in the eye and then he stopped moving. I started giggling, and i couldn't stop. His smile started to get bigger. "Oh ma goodnesh your smile is so big." and then he started laughing i loved his laugh it sounded like i dont know what it was like but i loved it.

Finally he spoke "Hi, my name is Jared." I looked at him up and down and said back "My Jare!" And his smile got bigger if possible.

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