Love of a child

Her innocence was what made her who she is, her love made others notice her. Becaus as they say nothing compares to the love of a child. (Jared Cameron Love Story)


1. Dinner for four

---> Vienna

Sam's POV

Where in the heck are my socks? I know i left them in this damn room. "Emily, do you know where my socks are?" "They're right here!" I whirled around to see my beautiful fiancee right behind me. "You are going to give me a heart attack one of these days." earning a giggle from my future wife I couldn't help the grin that spread onto my face.

"Sam honey you need to calm down it's only your sister and neice coming over for dinner not the president." If only she knew. My sister can be very judgmental when she wants to be. Growing up with a douche bag of a father really did not help with her personality. The only people I have seen my sister be less than harsh with is her daughter, our mom and myself. And even then I've seen how overprotective my sister is of family and it is not a good side of her. I'm freaking out, what if she comments on Emily's scars; What if she is rude to Em?

"You're right hun i do need to calm down, that's just not the easiest thing to do with my sister." the smile on her face widened and she placed her hand on my cheek. "Don't worry so much Sam, I promise tonight will be fine."

We walked down stairs to the kitchen where I smelled the most mouthwatering food. How I had gotten so lucky to imprint on Emily is beyond me. I helped her set the table, while distracting her here and there. Of course Emily being Emily she popped me with the spoon for interupting her "cooking time".

Around seven 'o' clock there was a knock on the door and when i opened it there stood my sister Vienna and my neice Belle. As soon as the door was open the little four year old had her arms around my legs. "UNCLE SAM!" i picked her up and threw her in the air. "Hey there munchkin." She was giggling up a storm and for what must have been the hundreth time i couldnt imagine what kind of father could ever walk out on her. Belle had this way about her whenever you were near her you couldnt help but want to smile and laugh. She had this stupid kind of humor that just made you so amused and happy. She had to be one of my favorite people in the world in a way she is like my own daughter, since Emily and I don't have kids yet.

Vienna cleared her throat causing me to look at her only to see her attention focused behind me on Emily. "Vienna this is my fiancee Emily, Emily this is Vienna my younger sister." After an awkward stare down between the two Emily made the first move and walked up to my sister, extending her hand. "Hi, its nice to finally meet you! Sam wouldn't stop talking about you when he found out you guys would be moving closer." Vienna fnally smiled and pulled Emily in for a hug saying how nice it was to meet her. A breath i didnt realize I had been holding in came out and I smiled at the two most important people in my life.

"Well lets have dinner shall we!" And with that we went to the kitchen.

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