I Am Bulletproof *Sequel to Perfect Weapon*

Sequel to Perfect Weapon


4. Chapter 4

I had called Wyatt and gotten his studio address. 

"Come over tomorrow." He had said, his voice sounding slightly muffled over the phone.

I hung up and went into Jesse and I's apartment kitchen. She sat at the counter eating straight out of the tub of ice cream. 

"I think the 'no double dipping' rule applies for ice cream tubs." I said but grabbed a spoon from the drawer and joined her. 

"Did you call the artist dude?"

"Yeah just now. He wants me to come in tomorrow."

"You don't think he's going to make you pose nude do you?" She asked scrunching up her nose.

"No. Even if he did, I would turn and walk right back out that front door."

She smirked. "You're pretty enough to be a model."

"Thanks." I said awkwardly.

"No, really. Sorry for making that comment when you first told me."

"What comment?"

"You know; the 'you? Ha!'." She exaggerated her features and made me laugh.

"It's okay. But why are you making an attempt at this deep conversation?"

She shrugged, looking down into the ice cream tub. "I just felt bad about what I said."

"How come?" I  cocked my head.

She shrugged again. Then, faked a yawn. "I'm tired. I'm going to go to bed."

I narrowed my eyes but nodded. "Okay. Night."

She waved her hand at me and headed into her bedroom. I tossed both of our spoons into the kitchen sink and put the lid back on the ice cream container. After I placed it in the fridge, I went to my room.

'When are you guys coming?' I texted Ashley.

I fell backwards onto my bed and pulled my computer onto my lap while I waited for his reply.

I logged onto tumblr and scrolled through the posts, giggling to myself occasionally.

My phone vibrated beside my leg and I picked it up to check the message.

'3 days. You excited to see you me yet?' Ashley texted.

'Nah, just need to know so that I can mentally prepare myself.' I replied, smiling.

'So mean...' He immediately sent back to me.

I laughed silently and shut my computer and phone off. Then I placed my earbuds in and blasted the music as high as it would go. I turned off the light then quickly jumped into bed and pulled the comforter up around me. 

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