I Am Bulletproof *Sequel to Perfect Weapon*

Sequel to Perfect Weapon


3. Chapter 3

        The next day (Saturday), Jesse and I were out eating lunch with our friends; Danny, Kaila, and Sammy.
        "So when are they supposed to be coming?" Kaila asked, picking up her half-eaten sandwich.
        "I texted Ashley this morning. He said, next week." 
        "So what's the story with you and them?" Danny asked. I glanced at him, then quickly down at my food. I had found myself crushing on Danny since I met him (even though I had sworn off boys).
        "It's, um...a long story." I said, biting my lip.
        "I've got time." He said. I heard Jesse snicker.
        "Uh, well, when my mom died, I moved in with Ashley..." I quickly explained it all to them, leaving out a couple details.
        After I finished, Jesse shook her head. "All this time and you never felt the urge to mention this to us?"
        I shrugged. "Don't like to talk about it." 
        "I'm sorry, Alex." Sammy laid her hand on mine.
        "It's okay, guys, really." I pulled my hand away and smiled nervously. Danny stared at me with furrowed eyebrows but said nothing.
        "Hello?" I waved my hand in front of his face. "What's up?"
        He shrugged. "Nothing."
        I scrunched my lips to the side and copied his shrug.
        "Well, I looked up their bands and I have to say: Tom's pretty cute." Said Sammy.
        "And a player." I pointed out. Tom was awesome, but that fact was unavoidable.
        "I'm not looking for a serious relationship anyways." She said, waving her hand dismissively.
        "Of course you are. Every girl is." Danny said.
        "Except me of course." I spoke, while Kaila gave me a questioning look.
        "And why is that?" Danny asked.
        "Did you not just hear my entire story of boy drama? I want no part of that." I said, with a 'duh' expression. 
        "Yeah, but that was with them. What if there was another guy out there who secretly craved your affection?" He said.
        "Then you give him my phone number and tell him to ask for the unicorn princess when he calls." I rolled my eyes.
        "I think I will, minus the unicorn part."
        "What? Is there actually a guy? Does he have a cute older brother?" Sammy asked.
        "I thought you were hung up over Tom." Jesse said, glancing at her.
        "I just think he's cute." She defended.
        "So there is an actual guy?" Kaila asked.
        "I don't think Danny was being literal." I said, glancing at him.
        "Oh, I was." He spoke, taking a bite of his hamburger.
        I raised my eyebrows in surprise. "Oh, really? Who is it?"
        "I don't kiss and tell." He said, taking a sip of his coke.
        "So you kissed him?" Sammy snickered. The liquid spewed out of his mouth and he started coughing. A couple at the table across from us looked over. Jesse burst out laughing. I tried to conceal a smile, while Kaila put her hands over her mouth to keep from laughing.
        "W-what?" He sputtered.
        "You kissed him." Sammy said again.
        "I-it was just an expression."
        "Well I don't know why you would use it in this conversation. Unless, you're secretly trying to come out of the closet. Are you, Danny?" She asked seriously.
        "N-n-no! I like women!"
        "Who women?" Kaila asked, intentional with her odd use of grammar.
        "Certain girls." Danny muttered under his breath.
        "And who might that be?" I asked, putting a playful sound on my voice.
        "A person." He looked away.
        "Come on, Danny! We could hook you two up!" Jesse exclaimed, grabbing his sleeve and shaking it.
        "Ugh. I'm going now." He stood and chucked his remaining food in the garbage can by the door.
        "Come on, Danny!" Sammy called after him as he pushed open the door and left.

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