I Am Bulletproof *Sequel to Perfect Weapon*

Sequel to Perfect Weapon


2. Chapter 2

        "JESSE!" I yelled into our apartment.
        "ALEX!" She yelled back, coming into view.
        "Apparently, I could be a model." I put my hands on my hips and attempted a sexy pose.
        "You? Ha!"
        "That's what I said!" I laughed. "Some artist wants to paint my portrait. He's going to pay me."
        "Then do it!" She exclaimed. 
        "I'm going to." I pulled out my phone and turned it on the check my messages. My manager made everyone turn off their phone when they started their shift. I had 4 messages from Andy, Bill, Tom, and Ashley.
        Ashley and I had made up a couple months ago; him apologizing such a jerk. I read his message first.

        'Alex, the tour bus is coming to LA! You're coming to our concerts, end of story.'

        I smiled in spite of the slightly uncomfortable feeling coming into my chest. It would be great to see them again. Next, I read Andy's text.

        'You better come to our concert in LA. It's our last stop on the tour so we're forcing our manager to let us stay for a while.'

        Maybe having them stay wouldn't be so bad. Then, I read Bill's message.

        'Tom and I are coming with BVB to LA.'

        His text was simple, unlike the Bill I remembered. Having all of them in the same place... how awkward. Lastly, I read Tom's text.

        'We're going to have to go all the way to LA because you're to lazy to come here!'

        I smiled at that. Tom always made me laugh.
        "What is it?" Jesse asked.
        "A bunch of my friends are coming here." I said and put my phone back in my pocket.
        "How many? Our apartment is too freaking small." She complained.
        "They're probably going to stay in a hotel."
        "Alex; such an inconsiderate person." She shook her head and let out a 'tsk' noise.
        "You don't want them staying here. Trust me."
        "And why not?"
        "Seven guys, from rock bands. One is my ex-boyfriend. And another...kind of complicated." I pressed my lips together.
        Jesse raised her eyebrows. "Well...doesn't mean I can't be polite."
        I laughed.

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