The Search


1. prologue

She subconsciously rubbed her hand over the cool, shiny surface of the necklace. Carefully she unclasped it and turned it over in her hands. Sighing she put the necklace back on and slid into bed, closed her eyes and let the world of sleep take her...

She had no dreams that night and it was one of the best sleeps she'd had in ages. When morning came Cora felt refreshed, ready for a day of hunting. Not the type of hunting you would think though! She was going to search the village and surrounding area for her Parallel. She was sixteen, nearly seventeen and was ready to search for her match. Lots of her friends had boyfriends already but Cora had never been interested in anyone but her Parallel. She didn't know who they were or even where they were but she was going to find them. Her sister, Pia, didn't think she was ready for the search but Cora knew that she was. She could feel it. She needed to be Found.

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