The Search


2. one

The woods were quiet this morning, except for the birds singing their usual cheery song. The crisp morning air felt cool against her skin, stinging her cheeks. As she walked she stuck her hands into the deep pockets of her jacket and pulled up the hood. Although the sun was shining and it was mid April, the cold air had probably kept everyone in their beds Cora thought. She would have to be back by eleven though or Pia would go mad. Her sister didn't know she was searching for her match. Almost every morning Cora wakes up at the crack of dawn and starts her search. The only thing is, she only ever gets to the same clearing in the middle of the woods before she hears the ten o'clock chimes and has to start her trek back into the village. "I'm never going to find him at this rate" sighed Cora. However, she was moving pretty quickly this morning, it sounded as if the birds were cheering her on. She reached the clearing and paused, ready for the clock tower to ring it's bells, but the 10 chimes didn't come... She checked her watch and it was only half past nine- she could carry on; go deeper into the woods!

Cora walked briskly through the clearing, excitement filling her. She could feel the steady thump of her necklace in perfect time with her her heart beat, banging against her chest. She broke into a full out run. Racing through the trees Cora prayed for the necklace to heat up. She had heard many tales from older girls in the village. Tales of how the pendant burns with such an intensity when you are near your Parallel!

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