just so you know

this story is about Larry (even tho i don't ship it )and how when they tell people and how they feel and all that kinds of think hope you like it


1. meeting the boys

Simon says : can i please see Harry,Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam to the stage please

boys now you are probably asking why you are out here but we thought you were two good to let go of so Harry Louis Niall Zayn and Liam we are putting you in a band !


Harry's POV

ow my god ,they all seem so nice, but do i tell them or do i not. I am so happy I am still in we could still WIN!!!



liam says hello mates now let's get to know each other my name is liam i am 16 .

hello i am Louis and i am 18 

hey i am Harry i am 16

hi i am Zayn i am 16

hi i am Niall i am 16 do you know where the food is 


hey guys i hope you like it 

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