High school affair

When Anna and her friends Charlotte and Chloe start high school Anna falls for a teacher,Charlotte the bad boy and Chloe her bestfriends brother what will happen the boys find out! what will happen when another bad boy likes Anna?!?


1. starting high school

Anna's POV

As my alarm on my phone played my shadow by Jessie J I moand a got out of bed great my first day of high school the only good thing are my two best friends Charlotte and Chloe speaking of them I wonder what they're doing

Charlotte's POV

running around my bedroom I start to think of all the hot boys that will be in my new school I can't wait I start to get dressed.

Chloe's POV

I'm so not ready for this!

Hi guys this is my first Movella I hope if you do read High School Affair you'll like it~Lottie-Emma xoxo

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