High school affair

When Anna and her friends Charlotte and Chloe start high school Anna falls for a teacher,Charlotte the bad boy and Chloe her bestfriends brother what will happen the boys find out! what will happen when another bad boy likes Anna?!?


2. Lunch

Harrys POV

I can't get that little cutie out of my head I keep imaging her riding my cock her perfect tits bouncing with each movement. The more I think about it the more I want it I'm gonna make it my mission to have that sexy little thing on me by the end of the week!

As the bell sounds indecating its the end of lunch I walk back to class still thinking about them beautiful eyes and smile I have music last I walk into the class and see her right there in front of me I smile time to make my move I sit next to her and she looks up I hold my hand out and say "Harry" she smiles and replies with "Anna" god how I want them plump lips around my dick! After she rells me her name she turns around I feel a peace of paper hit me in the back of my head its from the lads

Wehhey Haz give her one from us !

I turn around a glare at them they all just snigger and wolf-whistle at her Anna dosen't seem to care what they're doing

As the lesson goes on I find sitting next to Anna rather hard because I keep thinking up all these things that I want her to do and its getting me hot aswell as hard I'm abit taller then her even sitting down so I have a good view of her boobs my hand starts to find its way to my ever growing bulge and I plam my self thinking its her I let out a small grunt Anna looks at me then looks down to see what I'm doing I smirk as I watch her go bright red I like seeing her blush its hot!

"You did this to me" I told her

She looked up into my eyes and went a brighter shade of red I was about to come when the bell went of I stood up and followed her out the class room

Anna's POV

I did that to Harry? I felt rather pleased with my self I smiled suddenlly I was pushed into the wall with a very tall Harry holding me he smirked and grabbed my hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants He kissed my neck and sucked on the spot just behind my ear he has given me a love bite! He pulled away and let my hand go before I could speak he walked away...

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