The Burning World

After the malicious Nathan conquered the world. Many cities were burned and Nathan now rules the planet. 3 years later a rag tag bunch of rebels were on their way to defeat him. But his plans were far more evil than what everyone thought.


4. Undying yet Lost

I got out, surpisingly. I tried not to remember the last few minutes as I pushed forward. The world seemed even more grim now, I hate it. The courtyard was empty. "I hope the others didnt suffer the same fate as me," I thought to myself. I heard a groaning. I turned to see Daniel sitting against a rock. I crept towards him, uncertain wether it was actually him. "Daniel?" I whispered "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Well Travis, they thought i was dead after I passed out, so they left me. The funny thing is, I only caught my balls on a pipe. I passed out over the pain." I scowled at him. "You stupid twat." "Get up, we need to go." We staggered out of the courtyard.

"Hey Travis?"


"Where Is Katy and Adam? They followed you didn't they?"

"No they did not."

"Okay, I hope they are okay."

"Yeah I do too." I had to lie, I couldn't tell him. Not yet.

It had been a few hours. We had reached the Village but no sign of anyone. Daniel scavenged around but alas to no prevail. As night fell we decided to camp out in an old church. The building was old. The bricks rivalled those in roman slums. "Disgusting." I thought to myself as I opened the door. I glanced at the revenant behind the door. Well, shit. I charged at the creature, making sure everything could hear my war cry. The revenant turned in a flash and shot me. Nothing has gone to plan today. As i flew into the door, Daniel charged in, Swinging a knife across the beasts stomach. The creature roared and swung at Daniel. Miss. This carried on for a while. Daniel couldnt be hit by the monster yet he couldn't kill it either. I checked my wounds. Just as I thought. No arm. I stared at Daniel as he despereately cut the revenant over and over again. He ran around it, hoping to flank the beast in order to cause serious harm. I smiled at him, however it quickly turned to despair as Daniel tripped. Again. This time there was no James to save him. Daniel struggled to escape as the revenant held him high in the air by his neck. I grasped my gun with my right arm. I'm a terrible shot with this arm but what have I to lose. My sight slowly began to fade, my arm weakening at the same pace. As my vision grew black, I fired. I have no idea what just happened. All I heard was bullet tearing flesh. I hope that Daniel survived...

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