The Burning World

After the malicious Nathan conquered the world. Many cities were burned and Nathan now rules the planet. 3 years later a rag tag bunch of rebels were on their way to defeat him. But his plans were far more evil than what everyone thought.


1. The Walk

It's been at least four years after the great war of the third era. Many bombs were dropped and many people were killed. This was because of Nathan. He is a psychotic ruler who has no remorse or any feelings for anyone except himself. Anyway i'll get back to the present time. It is 2023. We have been walking for days along this foul road. There are 5 of us. Here are the names of us all and what we are and do.

Firstly we have Ebony. She is what we call the sweet talker of the group. Don't get me wrong she is vicious when she wants to be, but her way of thinking is usually as bad as Nathans so we try to keep her calm at all costs. She is usefull with a crowbar but not with a gun, trust me we have tried to teach her to shoot. Ebony has some singing talents even though half of the songs she knows have no meaning. But it is entertainment after all.

Next we have James. He is a brute. He is the only person I have seen that has been able to lift a dumpster. He has one main problem though. His Jokes. In his defence he finds them funny, but no one else does. But he is good to have around and is usually holding some sort of sledge hammer or heavy gun.

Walking with us as well, is Daniel. Now heres the thing with Daniel. He is skilled at knife fighting, he can play a guitar (if he finds one) and he can cook. But, and I mean this is a big but. He is a pain in the arse to live with. He is funny but, lets be honest, he is cocky and has a tendency to offend James, and no one wants to offend James.

Then there is Kathryn. See, Kathryn is nice and caring, but when she gets angry you might as well put her in a cage. She has a better talent at killing than Ebony, but usually kills the person we are trying to negotiate things with when he argues. She can swing a knife and can shoot a gun. Not very well but she can (sometimes) hit things. She can sing, cook and clean. Although this is all good. She will bitch at us for sleeping in a ruined house or in dumpster. She is the mother of the group and to be honest I can't stand her.

Then there is me. Now I'm not going to brag or be selfish, I can't do any sort of house work. I can't cook, clean, or do anything related to health. Except medical things, I have quite a talent in that sort of area. I can shoot, have some sort of skill in military tactics (not much) and can hold my own in a fist fight. But even if all that fails me. I can run. Very fast.

We have been walking along the coast for a couple of days now. Our mission is to regroup with katy and her group at a village called Astine. We have to be cautious though, Nathan made a special type of soldier a couple of years ago, called the Revenants. Trust me, they are dangerous.

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