The Burning World

After the malicious Nathan conquered the world. Many cities were burned and Nathan now rules the planet. 3 years later a rag tag bunch of rebels were on their way to defeat him. But his plans were far more evil than what everyone thought.


2. The Revenants

Lets talk about the Revenants. About 2 or 3 years ago, Nathan made some sort of soldier that could be made out of any corpse. He named this monstrosity, a Revenant. Basically, They are dead people who have had their whole head removed except the skull. They are tall, (about 7 foot) and are equipped with heavy armor and two cannons on their shoulders. These cannons fire 20 rounds a minute. That may not be much but if you get hit, you are likely to die. The armor covers their chest and is red and silver coloured. if that hasn't made you shit your pants, their insides are visible in the stomach. Luckily only 4 are ever together at once, so with enough fire power, they go down relatively quickly.

It is around noon, the sun is high with the heat beating down upon us. We are at Astine, but there is no sign of Katy. Daniel is looking around frantically for her. "Where is she, we can't wait here forever. The Revenants will be here soon." I chuckled, "what makes you think that they aren't already here. With our luck, they will be shooting at us." A growl sounded in the distance. I glared at everyone. "Get into cover." I whispered. "They might not know we are here." A bullet whizzed past straight through the wall, James glanced at the oncoming Revenant. "The bastard has spotted us. We might as well kill it, if it is on his own." Kathryn aimed her gun at it, her hand was a bit shaky but the thing seemed like it was in her sights. BANG! She missed. It looked at her in what looked like confusion, But did not hesitate to fire back. Daniel charged at it with all his might, unfortunately the uneven ground made him trip and fall next to the Revenant. "DANIEL!" Ebony shrieked, tears began to roll down her face at the sight of him close to what seemed like death. James scowled at the sight and raised his hammer. "Come and fight me you bag of bones, I can see your eyes are full of fear." To my surprise, the attempt to aggravate it, worked. As it fired it's two shoulder cannons, James Swung down his Sledge hammer. The creature realized it's demise just after the piece of metal split its skull in two. James smiled with glee as the foe fell to the ground, but the smile turned to disgust when he looked at his left shoulder. The cannons shot the shoulder blade out of his shoulder and was shattered on the ground. "Well, that's me fucked. What now?" I smiled, "We will fix it. We have done it before, I'm sure we can do it again." Everyone glanced at each other and smiled. Ebony smiled at Daniel, but not without hitting him in the chest. "You silly man, You scared me half to death!" Daniel looked down at the floor, "I know, but look at the bright side. It's dead." We stared at the broken corpse in front of us, then realized. Where is Katy and her crew?

We heard gun shots fired into the distance and a very angry roar, "It looks like Nathan has released his pet." I smirked. "We might as well see whats happening." We ran towards the sounds, ignoring the things around us. As we got to the top of a hill, looking down over a university courtyard, we saw Katy, her crew and the thing that made the ground trembling noise. The creature was a large muscular monster. It seemed as if his face had been ripped off but the wound had healed. It held something in his right hand, It was Chris! We had planned to meet Katy, Chris, Adam and Sam but they had obviously been held up and to our horror we saw the demise of Chris. The creature swung Chris like a doll, smashing his head into the rocks, breaking chunks of meat and bone off of his limp body. "Get that bastard off him!" I Screamed, firing bullet after bullet towards the monster. We all attacked, Ebony picked up a piece of glass and stabbed it into the thing's thigh. It roared and threw Chris across the courtyard. I glanced at Chris, knowing the worst has happened. Katy aimed her hunting bow and fired at the hulking beast's chest, the arrow bounced off, the thing didn't even notice. James swung his hammer, buckling it's knee and forcing it to the ground. Kathryn went into a frenzy, constantly stabbing at the creature's neck and torso. It grabbed her by the throat but Daniel hit it with a brick, forcing it to let go. It growled and whined in pain, the sound of Revenants echoed over the hills in front of us. "Split up" I cried as at least 7 or 8 shapes started creeping over the horizon. We ran away. Me, Katy and Adam ran into the university while the rest sprinted back to Astine.

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