The Burning World

After the malicious Nathan conquered the world. Many cities were burned and Nathan now rules the planet. 3 years later a rag tag bunch of rebels were on their way to defeat him. But his plans were far more evil than what everyone thought.


5. The man of Steel

I woke up. A light was glaring into my eyes. I sat up, cautious of what was around me. A lab? My sight wandered, scanning the room for any strange creatures or beings. Nothing. The room I awoke in was a science lab. It was clean, shiny, almost unatural. I look at my arm. It was fixed. What? How? A noise sounded from infront of me. A man? "Oh so you are awake?" He murmmured, his eyes widening in excitement. "How is my arm fixed?" I asked, squinting at him. "It's metal, you wield the arm of the revenant you killed."

"What? Where is Daniel?"

"That I do not know, you was alone."

Dammit, he must of left thinking I was dead. The man pointed at me. "Get up," he ordered. "You must try out your new equipment. I changed your arm, reinforced your bones, Replace your eyes with special optics and fitted your immune system with nanobots."

"You really spent a lot of time on me didn't you?"

"You was out for at least a week."

"Shit, I hope my friends are okay."

"Anyway, back to testing."

I stood up. I was ready for anything.

I stepped outside. It was dark, too dark. The man spoke softly, "You see the revenant."

"Yes," I replied, anger was filling up inside of me.

"Fight it."

"What? Like this?"

"Yes, Trust me." I used my eyes to zoom in and pick out weak spots. The night vision was amazing. I charged, letting blind fury take me towards the foul beast. It turned and fired, blowing a chunk out of my chest. I didn't feel it. What? I just kept running. I glanced at my chest, wondering what happened. The nanobots were fixing it. I'm invincible. A grin formed on my face as I ran. Everytime it hit me, I felt nothing and healed. I jumped at it, grasping it's face with my robotic arm. It punched me. "You piece of shit," I snarled. "I've always been scared of you. But now. I am the bane of your existence." I laughed as it kept punching. ignoring the pain, I used my human arm to grab its neck. I tightened my grip. Using my other arm I pulled, slowly tearing off its skull. The wires and bits of sinew snapped as it thrived in anger. "Can't take the pain, well I guess I should end it quickly." I yanked off the rest of the skull. The revenant dropped to the floor. Dead.The man ran up to me shaking my hand. "Well done," he joyfully said. "You are an elite soldier now, have fun and save your friends. I must leave, but do not worry. You shall see me again." He patted my shoulder and left. Leaving me proud, as well as determined to find my friends.

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