The Burning World

After the malicious Nathan conquered the world. Many cities were burned and Nathan now rules the planet. 3 years later a rag tag bunch of rebels were on their way to defeat him. But his plans were far more evil than what everyone thought.


3. Learning a Lesson

I woke up, Katy and Adam were searching for something. "You find anything?" I asked. Katy jumped and Adam held some sort of object. "In matter of fact yes. Here's your finger," I instantly stared at my hands. My right hand lost its middle finger. I stared in horror. How could this happen? "Adam" I said sternly, "what happened?" He glanced at me and whispered some sort of gibberish. "What?" I was starting to lose my temper. Adam Glared at me, his scorn buried into me. "Cultists! They were cutting off your finger when I woke up, I punched one but he got away. I got the finger though. Do you want it?" "No." "I've got a better idea."

We looked around the university, Killing any cultists and picking up useful items. We had split up at the start to cover more ground. The school was horrifying. The derelict  Rooms were coated in blood and human body parts. I heard what seemed to be Adam struggling. I ran towards the room he was him and saw him trying to open a hatch of some sort. He glanced at me, "I found their hideout," He whispered. I helped him lift it, and we proceeded to enter the dark entrance. After a few minutes we heard chanting, "We should sneak up on them." I advised. Adam agreed. After a while we saw something we didn't want to. A circle of twelve cultists, surrounded one with what seemed to be a plain white mask. The room was dimly lit by candles and the walls were old and grotty. They were chanting some sort of language. The lead cultist held someone in their hand. It was Katy! Here face was bloody but i could make out her clothes. Adam and I stared hopelessly as the man stabbed katy in her eye with a knife. Her screams echoed around the room, and cheering erupted from the surrounding figures. Adam charged in a blind fury towards them, I stared at him in disbelief as he cut down two of the foul beings. The leader dropped Katy and stared at Adam. A smile formed on his face as Adam swung his axe in his direction multiple times. None hit. What? How did he dodge them? The Cultist swung his arm across and brushed his knife across Adams neck, parting the skin and flesh. Blood poured out like a water fall, causing Adam to drop onto his knees. Katy cried his name but it was no use, he was dying and we couldn't stop it. The cultist grinned. "You stupid bastard, Who do you think your fighting?" "Someone who is too fucking evil to live." Adam winced. He pulled out a knife from his shoe and brought it upwards, lodging it into the chest of the man. The Cultists burst into a frenzy at the sight of their leader dying and pulled out their knives. I stared in fear as they continuously stabbed Adam. Their knives were piranhas, tearing flesh from bone and siphoning the life out of him. Tears formed on Katy's eyes as Adam disappeared under a pile of bodies and blood.  I ran away. I couldn't do anything to help them. My friends were dying and all could do was watch. I left the church as quickly as I entered. I needed to find the others. Quickly.

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