Isolde Undercover

Isolde spent her teenage years as a girl that could fit in everywhere. When her Tribe need someone to go and spy on a rival Tribe she seems to be the obvious choice, her Tribe train her with the most feared warriors of her generation to make sure nothing could go wrong. She is terrified, until she finds friendly faces in amongst the hostility.


3. My Letters

We allow our children to choose where they want to spend their days, it is the only fair thing to do. They can still communicate outside of their tribes, sometimes this is a necessity, and they may marry whomever they wish. The tribes are just there to give people purpose in society. The old generations failed because they did not believe this true" 


   From the speech of the twenty-fifth Highschool graduation, class 5E 29013208


"Isolde Kent, here are your letters," A woman shouted from a counter top on the other side of the room, we were told to wait at chairs until someone called us. I adjusted my hair that was in a side plait, Andraste's idea, I walked over to the woman, "Isolde Kent?" she asked, I nodded, she passed me one letter, "here is Agrona," then another, "here is Tame," then another, "Steren," and finally two letters together, "Upper and Barracks," I thanked her and walked back to my dorm room before opening the letters. 


   Because I was in final year I was given a private room, I sat on my soft single bed and opened the first one.



     Dear Miss Kent,

I am writing to you from the office of Agrona, if you choose to accept this come to head Agrona office in the early hours of tomorrow morning, MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALONE, however if you choose not to accept this please burn this letter.


   Our offer - confidential but very exciting, you would be a fool not to accept.

   Do we want you - very much so, we would love to have you.



Then I grabbed the second one,



     Dear Isolde Kent, 

If you accept this offer please follow the instructions given to you by the office of Agrona, if you do not, please make sure not another soul sees this letter.


   Our offer - This comes hand in hand with Agrona's offer.

   Do we want you - of course, your credentials are amazing.

Tame Offices


Finally the last Tribe letter,



   You will always have a place here if you wish.

    Our offer - lower Steren

     Do we want you - we always want people that grew up Steren.

The grand council of Steren.


Now the Upper and Military letters, the first was blank, the second one read,


   Isolde, Dearest Isolde,

This is your mama, if and when you complete the tasks set before you by Agrona and Tame you can go into Upper or Barracks.

Lena Kent, Mama.


I waited for the next evening. 


I set out on the road towards Agrona offices, checking every few steps to make sure I wasn't being followed. 

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