Isolde Undercover

Isolde spent her teenage years as a girl that could fit in everywhere. When her Tribe need someone to go and spy on a rival Tribe she seems to be the obvious choice, her Tribe train her with the most feared warriors of her generation to make sure nothing could go wrong. She is terrified, until she finds friendly faces in amongst the hostility.


2. Mama, Papa.

   "Four great wars caused a whole planet of hostilities. Few brave people settled onto a virtually ruined Continent, what the old generations called Europe. They created the country of Tribes, each tribe was given a specific part of land and told to build it in a way that keeps to the mottos of each tribe, and the approval of the Centre. The country thrived, resources were plentiful, rival countries saw how wonderful life was in the country of Tribes and tried to ruin it. That is when we made Barracks, to protect our land for generations to come."


        From the history of the country of Tribes.


Today was the final day of classes, before we view our selections and get our choices. Today was also a day where parents could come and visit their children. All I had was Fight class and Politics of Tribes. 


   "Mamm, Tasik," I addressed my parents once I found them, they both smiled at me. "How has everything been?"  


   "Isolde, darling. Everything has been wonderful. I take it you didn't choose Steren?" My mama asked straight away, no messing with her, she always got straight to the point.


   "I put Steren on my final application, as well as Agrona and Tame, but I will go to whoever gives me the best offer, I'm sorry, I hope you can forgive me?" I looked from my mother and father, not being able to read their expressions.


   "Meet me outside the park in half an hour," my mama replied quietly. 


   "Anyway, it's great to see you, you look strong," my papa smiled. He spoke to me for ages, it was nice to see him again, he looked the same as he always had, except his short hair was greying.


   "I am so sorry Isolde, but we will have to leave now," my mama looked around, concerned, "see you soon," she smiled.


   As soon as my parents left I walked down to the food hall and grabbed a muffin, "Isolde, keniterow, I haven't seen you in forever," someone shouted from across the room, "it's me, Yasmin," she said once she got to my table. Of course, my cousin.


   I looked down at my watch, it had been twenty minutes since my parents left, half of my muffin was still left, I'd been picking at it for ages, "I am so sorry Yas, I have to go, I'll be back later," I said as I stood up and walked to the door.


   "Baby, no time for talking, please don't come back to Steren, you're in danger and we won't be there when you get back," my mum near whispered, "something really bad is happening," I could see tears forming in her eyes, "don't tell anyone, not even your closest friends," she ran off before I could ask any questions. 


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