one direction family

the girls name is elene ... she is has many troubles in her life .. she is being bullied by his classmates and even her father used to beat her .. all change when one direction enters her house .... lets see wht happens ...


5. chapter 5

 Head as i was crying whole night . I mumbled ," whats that ?" i quickly got up and went downstairs . I could hear zayn and harry were fighting . 
I said  interrupting them ," whats up guys " they looked at me and all nod
ded ," good morning " i said ," yeah good morning but i think its bad for 
zayn and harry . Both said together ," its not that". I asked ," whats plan for today " zayn said ,"home "niall said ,"nandoos "Alouis said 
," shopping" they all fighted like kid . After 20 mins they asked ," where
 should we go ?" i said ," dont ask me as m going to school " listening to
this zayn gave me why look . Not looking in his eyes i went upsatirs to get ready . I dont know i think ," today will be good "i get ready 
In school 
As usual i was welcomed by very horrible looks bt today i didnt
 mind . I was busy chatting wid zayn as he had told me to continue messagehim n tell him where i was .... " i saw chris my secret crush but i was interrupted by zayn msg . I looked and it said 


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