one direction family

the girls name is elene ... she is has many troubles in her life .. she is being bullied by his classmates and even her father used to beat her .. all change when one direction enters her house .... lets see wht happens ...


4. chapter 4

On the lights " zayn said ," ya sure . I want to talk to u if u r nt sleepy "  i said ," yeah sure " zayn sat besides me and he said ," can i ask u something personal? " i worriedly said ,"ya sure ". Zayn said ," actuall
y when i grab u inside the van i saw at that time u were crying . Why were u crying love " now i was used to with this word bt as he asked me that question tears rolled out of my eyes . I said ," actually i am being bullied by ma classmates ..." i said it but dont know why i revealed it to him. Zayn said ," and ...." i  know hecwanted to know all . I without any hesitation said ," my dad ... He used to beat me . He always remove his anger n me . He nit me wid stick" after saying this i cried like hell . Zayn pulled me into a hug and said ," sorry i should have not ask u" i said ," its kk  . After half an hour i was still in zayn arms . He then walked out . I said ," thanku for being goog listener " je winked at me and went downstairs 
in morning
 i woke up wid heavy


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