one direction family

the girls name is elene ... she is has many troubles in her life .. she is being bullied by his classmates and even her father used to beat her .. all change when one direction enters her house .... lets see wht happens ...


3. chapter 3

 room. But as soon as i walked upstairs i was thinking about the reason they were staying here . I asked ," why r u staying here ?" louis said jokingly ," you only said ." i said ," very funny bt reall y whats reason behind it . I mean u can stay in hotel or somewhere else but here ?" they stared at me as if i asked them to donate their kidney . I again said ," answer" liam said ," actually we had not book for the hotel . No room is free in any hotel  ." he said confidently .  I said unwillingly ," strange kk bye guys i had kept ma door open incase u need something ."  thsey nodded . bye " I went upstair  to my room . I went to bathroom changed ma clothes and jumped to ma bed . I was busy thinking what had happened wid me from morning till now . I mumbled ," day was not too bad " i was going to sleep wen someone knocked the door.  said,"door is open " . I ased ," whos it " as i was unable to see . Known voice came ," its me zayn. Srry to disturb
 u" i said ,"no prob. 


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