one direction family

the girls name is elene ... she is has many troubles in her life .. she is being bullied by his classmates and even her father used to beat her .. all change when one direction enters her house .... lets see wht happens ...


2. chapter 2

I said ," m elena " liam asked ," can u take us to ur house for one day . I thought for a while and then agreed as ma evil dad had gone out of city . So m all alone this week . I gave them my address . The whole journeywas awkward . Until louis scream ,"carrots " i asked ," u love carrots " louis asked anxieously ,y u dont ? . I said ," no i love carrots . I thought in this world only i liked carrots but thank god he made someone eslse like me . They all laughed and i also did the same . After a long time i laughed . We entered our house . I said ," we have only two bedroom so u can occupy one . They thanked me and went to seat in sofa . I too sat besides zayn . Zayn asked ," are u k love " as he told me love  i rolled my eyesup to look at me  .  I said ," yes " he then put his arm around my shoulder and i slept in his arm . I know i met him 30 mins ago but i feel safe beside him and so m allowing to touch me  .  I said ," guys u enjoy i m feeling sleepy " i went upstairs into my 


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