one direction family

the girls name is elene ... she is has many troubles in her life .. she is being bullied by his classmates and even her father used to beat her .. all change when one direction enters her house .... lets see wht happens ...


1. chapter 1

 I had to tell u one short and simple love story . Its of one girl who 
has to face many problem in home as well as school . She was always bullie
d by her class mate in her schooland his father always used to beat her . 
Bcoz of that she had many cracks near her butt . Her name is eli .. She is 17 year old . Athat day was turning point in her life . When she was returning from her school she was as usual crying bcoz been bullied . One car stop in front of her . She looked up trying to hide her tears . But as soon as door was opened , someone holded her wrist and pushed inside .  0A elena pov =0Ai asked ," why have u pushed me inside " . There were five people and one of rhem said ," actually we want ur help " she mumbled to herself ," i m in danger n they want my help . " i asked ," what help? " one of them asked ," do u know us ?" i said truthfully ," no " listening to this they smiled at each other . One of them said ," this is zayn " others also said "liam"


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