Meet Hannah Corner and Linda Green, the two most opposite girls you will ever meet. Each one of them has a different appearance, not to talk about their personality. It's difficult to say which girl is more jealous at the other. Will they be best friends, or maybe enemies?


9. Three Months Later... Linda

I swear I'll never ever ever listen to the devil! I can't believe what I caused to an innocent girl!

I can't even look on the bright side that Zoe is in some kind of jail...

I read the newspaper article on the front page from the last week newspaper:

Fourteen year old girl kills herself

Two days ago, fourteen year old Linda Corner, decides to end her life. Her death is very tragic: she jumped from the 27th floor in her grandmother's building. She left a note that her mother recognized as her handwriting that said: "If you're wondering why I did this, it's because of Zoe Green. I just couldn't stand it anymore. What she wrote and posted about me on Facebook was just too much. Tell Linda I'm sorry, and that I should've believed her".

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