Meet Hannah Corner and Linda Green, the two most opposite girls you will ever meet. Each one of them has a different appearance, not to talk about their personality. It's difficult to say which girl is more jealous at the other. Will they be best friends, or maybe enemies?


7. Hannah

Seriously. How mean can you be?

Linda is the meanest girl I ever met. And I met a lot of mean girls.

She can't be mean just like that. Maybe one of her parents is mean too? I decided that after school I'll go over to Zoe's house and check that out.

After Biology, which was fun, I went with Zoe to her house.

"You have a beautiful house Zoe". Her house was huge, with three floors, each floor was more beautiful than the other.


"Is Linda here too?"

"Yes I am". I saw Linda doing homework in the living room.


"Hello to you too Blondie".

"Stop calling her that Linda!" Said Zoe.

"Oh of course I'll stop your majesty".

Zoe looked at the floor.

"Ok, I see that I'm not wanted here" Linda said.

And with that, she went to work in a different room.

About a hour later, her parents came. Zoe told me that they're both lawyers, so they work together. Both of them were really nice.

So how is it possible that Linda is so mean?

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