Meet Hannah Corner and Linda Green, the two most opposite girls you will ever meet. Each one of them has a different appearance, not to talk about their personality. It's difficult to say which girl is more jealous at the other. Will they be best friends, or maybe enemies?


5. Hannah

I saw a girl with short black hair and cold brown eyes walk into geography class. Seriously, why did she come late? Is is so hard getting to class on time?

"Why are you late?" Mr. Brian asked.

"I'm sorry Mr. Brian" the girl said.

I sat next to my new friend Zoe Green. She's really nice. "She's my twin" she whispered in my ear. "Really? You look nothing alike". It's true. Unlike that girl, Zoe had beautiful light brown, curly long hair.

"So Linda darling, how was your day so far?" Asked Zoe.

"Shut up Zoe" said the girl who was called Linda.

I didn't get it. Zoe was nice to her, so why was she so mean?

"She's always like that" said Zoe, reading my thoughts. "I don't understand why she hates me".

At the end of the class, I felt like I have to talk to Linda. I have to ask her why she's so mean to Zoe.

"Linda! Linda wait! I have to talk to you!" I said.

"You're the girl who sat next to Zoe at geography. A friend of Zoe is an enemy of mine".

I really don't want to be anyone's enemy. Of course not on my first day.

"But Linda, why are you so mean to Zoe?"

"Blondie, I was never mean to Zoe. She's the one whose mean to me".

"But she's so nice!"

"That's what she wants you to think. I'd put an eye on her if I were you Blondie".

"My name is not Blondie. It's Hannah".

"I told you Hannah a.k.a. Blondie, a friend of Zoe is an enemy of mine".

And with that, she walked away. I could see lots of ego in her walk.

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