Meet Hannah Corner and Linda Green, the two most opposite girls you will ever meet. Each one of them has a different appearance, not to talk about their personality. It's difficult to say which girl is more jealous at the other. Will they be best friends, or maybe enemies?


10. Author's Note

Like my other movella "Unwanted", this movella, "Opposites" also has an idea behind it. When I thought about the idea of this movella, it was supposed to end that Linda and Hannah will be best friends, and happily ever after. But then, I thought that I could end this movella in a dramatic and tragic way.

There are three lessons in this movella:

First, bullying. Many people around the world get bullied, or cyber bullied. And this is just evil. Bullies are people with no heart, that all they want is attention. Look at Zoe for instance. All she wanted was more attention. Many of you probably think that if someone will bully you, you'll be brave and tell an adult, or you'll just ignore what the bully says about you. But it's not that simple. Even I think these things, but deep down I know that I won't be such a hero. Many teenagers, like Hannah decided to end their lives because of bullying. So guys, watch what you're doing.

Second, fake friends. You really need to watch out for those, for people like Zoe. I think that you shouldn't trust anyone. I'm a girl and I have a best friend, but I don't believe in all those idiotic things that you should tell anything to your best friend. I disagree. I don't trust my best friends. I don't trust anybody, maybe except my mom.

Third, always listen to your angel, not your devil. You will never know what will happen if you listen to the wrong person.

If you liked this movella, I suggest that you should read my movella "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue".

Hope you enjoyed this movella!


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