Changing your imagination

My entry for the Klaris Cliff competition
Once upon a time we were all imaginary. All stuck inside people's heads, trapped. We were altered and changed, to suit the personality. Until it began, and the changing started . . .


4. Why not me?

 Kate's P.O.V 


 That's the one thing I can think. Run.

 The screaming doesn't stop. why isn't it stopping?

 "maybe" She buts in "Because it's not going to stop" I shove her to the back of my mind, as I carry on. It has to be Josh. No friend would scream. And not like that. Not like. . . It was asking for help.

 I can feel her grinning.

 I reach the second-to-top floor, and open the door, expecting to see Josh writhing in pain. but he's not. He's just sitting cross legged on the floor, looking at me with eyes full of tears.

 Why is he crying?

 "Josh, it's okay. Is your friend talking to you? Ignore it. Don't listen to it. Remember, never-" I try to hug him, but he flinches back. I can see his body trembling.

 "Josh, are you oka-" 

 " I'm sorry Kitty-Cat. But they said" His bottom lip starts to wobble "They said it wouldn't hurt. Just like falling asleep, they said. It's me or you. And you.. You promised."

 Who are they? Who threatened him? Who would do that... Friends. Me or him. Me or him.

 I run for the door, but they catch me. I pull, but they're just a blur of black, suited men, pulling me down to . . . Josh?

 He stares at me calmly, his usual shyness gone. His personality gone.

 Josh gone. 

 "Friend" I spit out. How could they do that to... To him. To me? who do I have left now? What's the point? I should just give up, let friend take over.

 No. I will not do that. Not to Mum, to Dad, or to (I silently sob) Josh. I have to...

 But Josh-friend knows everything. He knows my favourite colour, my best friend, my pet hate, the... The thing that will make me give up.

 "No. Please don't..." I try to crawl away, cover my ears, anything.

 The madman waiting for death.

 "You broke your promise Katherine."

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