Changing your imagination

My entry for the Klaris Cliff competition
Once upon a time we were all imaginary. All stuck inside people's heads, trapped. We were altered and changed, to suit the personality. Until it began, and the changing started . . .


2. Where we are now

Friends Pov

It's been ten years or so since the first changing. No one knows for sure, I think we stopped counting around three years ago. 

 You may have noticed, but I'm not human. I'm a friend. That's what we call ourselves - friends, as we were once called ' imaginary friends' but, we're not imaginary and more. At least, most of us aren't.

 I'm still imaginary. Barely imaginary, but I still don't exist. I haven't changed yet. What is changing, you ask? Changing is when the imaginary 'friend' becomes the real person, and takes over the body. A really strong friend can even slightly alter the appearance, but that hardly ever happens. But, if you're human, the thing you want to know is this: what happens to the human? The answer: they die. Well, they don't exactly die, their body is still walking, talking and laughing, they just . . . go. Their consciousness disappears, and the body belongs to the friend.

 Like this body should belong to me.

 So, you ask ( you really are full of questions ) why haven't I taken over this body? For the simple reason that I can't. To take over the body ( that does sound brutal ) she needs to be unhappy with herself, want to be someone else.

 And for some reason, she isn't. Yet. But don't worry, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

 Oh, and in this book? I'm the bad guy...



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