There's always that girl.
Everything's about her.
Until it isn't...


1. Chapter One

Her dress swayed from side to side with her usual swagger, purposely glancing behind her to look at the new boy. Taria. Bright pink lips.

                                           Bright blonde hair.

There's no one like her.

Always that girl.

The one that has to be different.


Tristan came into his new class. Ever since he started school he had been dyslexic- but now... he had made a break through. He had been moved out of his old class and into this new one. This one where you're always looked at.

No one leaving you alone.

But there was this girl. She looked so pretty! He wanted to know her name, but he couldn't ask her. She didn't even look at him-not a glance- but his own eyes wouldn't leave her. 

There was another one.

She was nice too. This one smiled at him.

                               Looked at him.

                              She seemed kinda friendly.

All the other guys were after her, Talia, but not Tristan

His heart was set on Kylie now. 

Beautiful Kylie. 

Sweet Kylie.

Talia's best friend Kylie.

Talia manoeuvred herself over to Tristan.  Planted a kiss on his mouth. Then, swaying her hips, walked away.Tristan couldn't believe what had just happened! He didn't even particularly like Talia.


Tristan still couldn't believe what had happened when he came to sit down in class.  He couldn't help but smile when the only spare desk was next to Kylie.

However as he was about to be seated Talia glided in front of him, kissed him on the mouth again, then she sat down at what was going to be his desk.

" You can have that seat," Talia smiled, pointing to a desk at the front.

" Thanks," Tristan smiled through gritted teeth.

Hoping neither of them saw his disappointment,Tristan, walked over to where Talia had pointed.

It didn't look so bad over here. Sure it wasn't next to Kylie, but these guys were friendly enough. They were just like him: Into foot ball,

                                      Going out with cute girls,

                                      Just generally having fun!

Tristan's desk was next to Owen's and Imagine Dragon's.(Tristan thought his name was awesome!) 

" I know my name's weird but my mum and dad were addicted to Imagine Dragons when I was born so the decided to call me after them."

" Mine isn't exactly the best either, Tristan."

" Oh like the guy in Star Dust?" Owen asked.

Tristan just shrugged having no clue about what Owen was on about.

"So have you heard about the games?" Owen and Imagine Dragon asked simultaneously.  


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