Bad things come in three's

My mum always said that bad things come in three's, and that couldn't have been more true on my first day at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. You may think that the bad things were missing the bus, arriving late and then getting a detention, but trust me, what I got was worse. I got stuck with Marcel, Harry and Edward- The Styles triplets. My worst luck


1. Marcel

The large steel gates of Holmes Chapel Comprehensive over beard the foliage and the year seven's before it. Before you get confused, I'm not a year seven, I'm starting the sixth form, a fate that is worse than that of the year seven's. The can at least make friends, everyone else in the sixth form will already have their cliques and friends, leaving me all alone because I'm the new girl. At least I don't have to wear the school uniform now that I'm in the sixth form, that'd be horrific! Gingerly I walked through the gates and traversed the yard to the main reception.


The walls were painted a vanilla colour, there were black leather chairs, rustic looking coffee tables and an ornate trophy cabinet filled to the brim with awards from Football and Netball to Art and Dance, Filming and photography to cooking and the all important 'School's Cup' awarded to the best schools in each county.


I turned to the reception desk to see a plump receptionist in her late forties, the fabric of her top (if you could call it that) stretched so much it looked like if she moved, even an inch, the buttons would pop or the seams would rip.


"Hello, I'm Teagan Rose Heath. I'm starting the sixth form today." I said in the politest ay possible. The woman gave no reply. 

"Excuse me? I said. Still no response. I ran my fingers along the top of my head, gripping my blond locks. I decided to sit down. I got told by the Principal that I was going to be met by someone called Marcel. He's supposedly the head of the welcoming committee.


I slumped down in a chair and got out my compact mirror from my Avengers back-pack.

"Thank god my eyeliner hasn't smudged." I thought. I quickly checked that there were no ladders in my tan tights and that my shorts hadn't decided to turned into hot pants. I arranged my hair over my shoulders, the purple tips contrasting on my plain white polo top.


Suddenly the big glass doors to the main body of the school opened and out stepped a guy not much older than me, his hair slicked back and wearing big glasses with thick frames. To be honest, he looked like a geek.


"Umm... I'm l...l..lo..looking f...fir a..a... T..Taegen H..He..Heath." He stammered, poor soul!


"That's me!" I said smiling "And it's pronounced Teagan."


"Oh... I'm... I'm... t..t..terribly s..s..sorry. I'm M..Marcel Styles." He stuck his hand out unsurely, i shook it to be polite, but I'm more of a hugging girl.


"Nice to meet you Marcel." I smiled, it was as if I had lost the ability to look normal and just had a smile plastered on as default.


"You're in form... form... 12MK. That's the form I'm in.'s y..y..your time t..table." He said passing a sheet to me. At A levels I'm studying Dance, Music, Drama and Art and Design. First lesson today was Art and Design, which was a double period, then it's a break and then I have a double period of dance. After lunch I have a free period.

"I'll show you to y..your" Se said, his stammer had eased up and I got to know him a bit better. I found out her had two brothers, that he want's to be a director when he's left school and that he's not really a geek, people just judge him that way.


In my locker there was already my dance kit, I had ordered it before so they must've put it in my locker, and a map of the school. I grabbed the map and just as Marcel was telling me about my teachers, the bell went. I said goodbye to Marcel and headed towards Room 20, my art room, to meet the class and my art teacher Mr Massam.

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