Bad things come in three's

My mum always said that bad things come in three's, and that couldn't have been more true on my first day at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. You may think that the bad things were missing the bus, arriving late and then getting a detention, but trust me, what I got was worse. I got stuck with Marcel, Harry and Edward- The Styles triplets. My worst luck


4. Lunch

Marcel had invited me to eat lunch with him and his brothers. When I arrived at the table, only Marcel was there, but he assured me that they'd be here soon. Marcel turned towards the door and told two people to come over, which I assumed were his brothers. I delved into my bag and retrieved my lunch, pasta salad and red pesto from Café Nero and a bottle of Mountain Dew Energy Game Fuel. When I looked up I saw... him. Edward was sitting next to Marcel, eating a large portion of greasy chips, obviously from the burger van.


"You had a good period three, good girl?" He asked, I continued to stare stare my food. "Hey! I'm talking to you!"


"Yes! Okay! I did! Now leave me alone!" I shouted. I felt an arm snake round my waist and I instantly jumped back, only to see the hurt on the owner of that arm. Harry.


"Teagan?" Marcel asked concerned "These are my brothers Edward and Harry, the two I was telling you about earlier"


"Gosh, look at the time! I'd better go and warm up for dance." I said, although it wasn't strictly true, I was just looking for an excuse to leave Edward and Harry's company. "Nice meeting you guy's" I put on my best fake smile before grabbing my bag to head out.


"Oh." Said Marcel "Do you want me to come with you?"


"No, brother of mine. I'll go with her. I need to stop by Psychology anyway. It's only a thirty second walk from the dance studio's." Harry said, walking out with me. Great! As soon as we were out the lunch hall, he turned towards me so that I was up against the wall, nowhere to go.


"What was that all about?" He asked, irritated


"I don't know. It's my first day and I didn't exactly expect my only friend's brothers, which turn out to be triplets, would be one I'm scared to death of and the other I almost kissed!" I hissed. "I didn't know what to do so I did what I always do. Run away! Problem with that?"


"Yes, I do have a problem with that." He said "Now we're going to walk back in there and say that the dance studio was locked." I turned to leave but he stopped me. "But not before I show you something." He dragged me towards the music room. "You like music right?"


"Sure" I said "Do you play?" I gestured towards the best looking guitar in the room.


"Of course. That guitar's mine actually/" He picked up the guitar and started playing a familiar song. I started singing the words I remember.


"I was alone and my stomach was twisted, but I can get up now, the dark clouds have lifted. Back in the old life before you existed, I couldn't see right, my windows were misted. Said one word made me feel much better, starts with 'L' and it's got four letters. Things are looking up, looking up. There's magic everywhere you go. A stranger stops to say hello, hello, hello, hello. So turn it up, turn it up. As loud as you can make it go, 'cos love is on the radio" I sang at a barely audible volume, thinking that he wouldn't be able to hear me, but the music stopped none the less.


"You sing?"


"Yeah, and play guitar." he passed the guitar to me. I got my pick from my back pocket of my shorts and started strumming, playing a song from long ago that he probably won't even remember.


"One day, when I came home at lunch time I heard a funny noise. Wen't out to the back yard to find out if it was one of those rowdy boys. Stood there was my neighbour called Peter with a flux capacitor. He told me he built a time machine like one in a film I've seen. He said 'I've been to the year 3000, not much has changed but they lived under water, and your great great great granddaughter is pretty fine..."


"He took me to the future in a flux thing and I saw everything. Boy bands and another one and another one and another one. Triple breasted women swimming round town, totally naked! We drove around in a time machine like one in a film I'd seen." He sang. So he did know that song! Busted: Year 3000 -my guilty pleasure!


"Because I've been to the year 3000, not much has changed but they lived under water, and your great great great granddaughter is pretty fine..." We harmonised. We sang the song together and giggled. We sang a few more songs by Busted like 'She wants to be me' and 'What I go to school for' and generally enjoyed each other's company.


"This is why I like you. You have a great taste in music, you're funny, you're smart and, most importantly, you're gorgeous!" He said, sitting next to me.


"I'm not. I'm normal." I said, looking down at my shoes.


"Well, do you want to come round mine on Saturday?" He asked "Just the two of us I mean."


"Just us two... when you have two brothers that you spend most of your free time with?"

"Marcy is at work. He helps at the cinema on saturday, and Edward would be no problem. He'll either be nursing a hang over, in which we will have free reign of the big shed out back, or he'll be out drinking." He said, as if he was used to what the other two got up to, although I'm sure I would never be able to keep up with Edwards antics.


"Okay then. Text me your address and I'll come." I wrote my number and the bell went. "Shit! I'm going to be late!" without thinking, I kissed him on the cheek, leaving him there stunned, while I rapidly turned around and left the room with haste.

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