Bad things come in three's

My mum always said that bad things come in three's, and that couldn't have been more true on my first day at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. You may think that the bad things were missing the bus, arriving late and then getting a detention, but trust me, what I got was worse. I got stuck with Marcel, Harry and Edward- The Styles triplets. My worst luck


9. Dutch Courage

"We're having our tea out in the Den if that's okay with you mum." Said Harry

"Yeah, that's fine." she said "Your tea is ready on the counter. I hope you like the pasta. I made the sauce myself."

"I'm sure it'll be lovely Anne." I said, grabbing my plate from the counter top.

"Enjoy your evening." She said as me and Harry left the house. The path to the den was amazing. It was a cobbled path covered by an arch way of pink gardenia's. The path went all the way down to the bottom of the garden where a large summer house was. It looked stunning. Lanterns and fairy lights hung on the summer houses exterior. It looked perfect.

"Wow! This is amazing!" I said in awe. Harry looked like it was nothing special, he was probably just used to it by now.

"Yeah, it is pretty cool. Come in and sit down under a blanket while I turn on the heating." He said, unlocking the summer house. It looked just as nice inside as it does on the outside. The walls were painted a light turquoise colour with accents of white, lighter shades and darker shades of blue and the deepest ebony black, making the walls look like they're moving, just like the sea. This was the ultimate hang out. It had photo's of the triplets, smiling and pulling stupid faces. It had a huge TV with games consoles. There was a guitar hanging off the wall, harry's obviously and it looked much better than the one he had at school... it was amazing! There were also 3 mini fridges. One was labeled 'Food', another labelled 'Drinks' and the last had the label 'BOOZE!', that one was obviously Edwards. I sat on the floor, leaning up against the sofa. I grabbed the black blanket and draped it around me.

"Oi, make room for me. I want to cuddle my girlfriend." Harry said, sitting down next to me and grabbing the blanket

"I want to cuddle my boyfriend." I said, moving closer to him

"And who's that lucky guy?" He asked, resting his forehead against mine.

"Well, he's called Harry, he's a triplet and he's the most amazing gorgeous person I have ever met." I spoke quietly, almost in a whisper, looking into his eyes.

"Oh, do I know him?" He asked, pulling me in closer

"Oh yes, you know him very well. Very well indeed." I leaned in to give him a kiss, just a small kiss on the lips, but Harry pulled me in closer, deeper. He pulled me on top of his, so I was straddling him, putting my hands in his hair, gripping his curly locks tight, causing him to moan deeply against my lips. It was music to my ears. He started rubbing circles in my back and I started slowly grinding against him. I don't know what's got into me. Harry pulled away from me for a second, his breathing fast and heavy.

"T, slow down. You don't want me to..." He said, looking down. His eyes had darkened from their usual emerald green to a dark mysterious forest green. I was obviously driving him mad.

"I'll just kiss you without tempting you then." I winked

"Oh, that is terribly hard" He said, pulling me in again. Not shortly after we were disturbed by Edward walking into the summer house with a 6 pack of beer, 4 citrus ciders, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of coke.

"Sorry to disturb you two but I want my drinking buddy." Edward said, sitting so that I was sandwiched between him and Harry. Edward passed Harry a can of beer. I went and grabbed a can of the citrus twist cider.

"You don't have to drink. You do know that?" Harry whispered in my ear.

"I know, but I might loosen up around Edward if I do." I whispered back.

After a while, me, Harry and Edward was fairly tipsy. I wasn't totally drunk, just merry and having a good time. Just then Marcel walked in, wondering what we were all up to.

"Oh... Hi Teagan. A..are you staying the n..night?" Marcel asked

"Yeah. I'm staying in Hazza's room. Aren't I baba" I said, giggling, leaning against Harry

"What are you g..guys doing now?" Marcel asked

"We're gunna play Truth or Dare!" Said Edward in a slurred voice.

"Well I'm going then. H..have a nice evening Teagan." Marcel said, exiting the summer house

"Good girl... Truth or Dare?"

"Truth!" I said, I am not adventurous what so ever.

"Are you... a virgin?" Edward asked. Fuck! I'm not telling them that I am... but I can't lie to Harry either.

"Umm... yeah." I said quietly.

"Harry mate... be careful with her. Tonight" Edward said winking at Harry, making me feel sick.

"Eddie, truth or dare?" Harry Asked

"Dare! I'm not a chicken like you, good girl!" He slured

"I dare you to run down the street naked. You're not allowed to come back until you take a selfie at the post office and post it on Facebook and Twitter." Harry said before turning to me "Then me and you can have some time alone." I chuckled. By that time Edward had stripped completely naked and Harry covered my eyes

"What you'll learn, good girl, is that me and my dear brother here may be identical in many ways but not in others. The reason he's covering your eyes is because he's jealous of my..."

"Eddie, do the fucking dare before I kick you out!" Harry interjected

"Okay, I'll leave the love birds alone." Eddie said leaving. After he had shut the door he shouted "Don't forget to tell me how the sex was brother of mine!"

I took another gulp of my vodka and coke. The liquid burned down my throat but I thought I would need some Dutch Courage.

"Hey, take it easy there. You know I expect nothing from you. Especially not tonight." He said giving me a hug "We only got together today, how about we just let things roll and see what happens. If we have sex, then we have sex but don't force it or anything. You'll just regret it"

Harry's words made me feel safe. Only he would make me feel that way over something like this. He cares for me. A lot.

"I would run a million miles for you, I would wait a million years for you. I would do anything for you." And with that I pulled him into a kiss. Kissing him as if it was going to be the last kiss I ever experience. 

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