Bad things come in three's

My mum always said that bad things come in three's, and that couldn't have been more true on my first day at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. You may think that the bad things were missing the bus, arriving late and then getting a detention, but trust me, what I got was worse. I got stuck with Marcel, Harry and Edward- The Styles triplets. My worst luck


5. Drama

I only had two lessons the next day. Drama and music, both of which Harry was in. It looks like it's the only subject in which Harry, Edward and Marcel are together... and I'm in with them for those 4 hours a week.


When I walked into the auditorium, people were already seated, scattered in the first two rows. I spied Marcel on the second row and sat behind him.


"Heya Marcy!" I said enthusiastically. "How was your evening?" I leaned forwards so that my head was between him and the person next to him, completely unaware of my presence.


"Oh... it was g..good. H..Harry wouldn't shut up about last n..night." He said and speaking of the devil, he walked in with Edward. It seemed that when not in lessons (and not with me), Harry and Edward go everywhere together.


"Hi Teagan!" Harry said, beaming, taking a seat next to me, Edward trying to get the recently vacated seat next to Marcel. "You look nice today." I looked down at what I was wearing. It wasn't anything special. It was just a navy blue vest top, light blue pebble washed jeans, a fluffy pink cardigan and my burgundy vans. Comfy but nothing special.


"Thanks" I could feel my cheeks burning with a violent red blush that always happens when a guy, and an attractive one at that, pays me a compliment.


"Seriously, I mean it." He said, placing his hand onto of mine, which was placed on the arm rest separating us.


"Alright class. We're not going to wast any time. In our two hour lesson you are all going to 'audition' so to speak for your first performance piece you're going to be given a grade on." Said the drama teacher. I was not to mess with her, she meant business. "You need to all pair up. Young gentlemen with lovely young ladies please!"


I felt Harry's strong grip around my waist. I'm guessing I'm with him then.


"When you're in pairs, line up on the stage so I can pass out the 'audition piece'." Edward jumped onto the stage "Can you please use the stage entrance and not the front as a climbing frame!"


Harry still had his arm round my waist when we were on the stage, almost as if he was showing the class I'm his.


We all got given a different audition piece so we wouldn't copy each other. I was not happy with the scene we were given.


The two protagonists, Cerys and Daniel, are having an argument. Daniel accuses Cerys of cheating on him with his best mate Matt because she'd been texting him, although the real reason is that he's her chemistry partner, blah blah blah, and then Daniel kisses her and the scene ends. Miss said we didn't have to kiss so I'm happy with that but it's soooo cliché!


We started watching the other 'audition' after the allocated practice time. Marcel was with this girl called Taylor. She looked really pretty. Most of the guys were drooling over her as she walked across the stage blowing kisses at them. Her long blond hair flowing behind her, a cascade of luscious locks I envy. The only boy's who weren't affected by her were the triplets, and two of them are the most sort after guys in this school.


"Who does she think she is. She acts like a super model, they probably wouldn't even let her be a glamour model." Harry said, fists clenched.


"What's up? She's just giving the boys what they want. She's really pretty you know"


"She's pretty alright. Pretty aggravating!"


"What has she done to you?" I asked.


"You mean us." Said Edward, butting in, showing the same anger as Harry.


"What do you mean?"


"Last year, I started dating her, but she made me keep it a secret." said Edward." It was fine but I promised her I wouldn't tell my brothers."


"At the same time, me and her were dating and she made me keep the same secret." said Harry. "One day I was going to surprise her by rocking up to hers with flowers and all that lot, being cheesy and romantic, when I heard noises from Eddie's room. I thought he'd brought some girl home like usual but I heard her voice. I went in and I saw them... she tried to cover it up, saying that we look similar and it's an easy mistake to make, but there were some obvious differences. Edward's got tattoo's and piercings, I haven't, He has longer hair than me, and then what we wear is different as well. I wear vans, he prefers converse and stuff like that." Harry said. "I'd realised while I'd been saying no to sex and that we should wait, she was shagging my brother."


"We both dumped her on the spot, we knew it wasn't out faults but we now make sure to tell each other everything" Edward finishes.


Marcel and Taylor walked off the stage. All the boys wolf whistling, Marcel going a deep wash of red.


Edward was the next triplet to go up, he was with a girl called Amanda. Their piece was sweet and Edward's a really good actor.


Then it was mine and Harry's go. We walked on the stage, all the girls calling out food luck for Harry, just as the guy's did for Taylor, Marcel was silently wishing me luck while Edward decided to shout byname so the rest of the class knew it.


"Start whenever you're ready." Miss said, writing down our names.


"Cerys, we need to talk." Said Harry, sitting down on the bench in centre stage, arms folded.


"What is it baby?" I asked, sitting down next to him. I put my hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it away. "Baby?"


"Don't call me your baby!"


"Just tell me what's ip." A tear was slipping down my cheek, god I was good.


""You're cheating on me with Matt. I've seen the messages so don't bother denying it!"


"You've been on my phone?"


"Well you're the one who left your phone unlocked round mine."


"Honestly, it's nothing to worry about. He's just my..."


"Other boyfriend. I get it! I'm only there when he can't be. I thought you were different." It was as it Harry was letting go of everything he went through with Taylor. It was amazing!


"Listen!" I shouted. Everything was silent, a pin drop could be heard from the silence of the room.


"He's my lab partner at college, I get along with him since he's your friend too. I've known him since Nursery, where as you since year seven. He's like a brother to me! I thought you'd understand"


"Cerys, I love you! Don't hurt me! You're the one thing I have left. I don't want to lose you."


"You.. love..."

"Yes, I love you! I could shout it from the roof tips if I could. I'm in love with you Cerys Eardly." He grabbed my hand, pulled me close. I hope to god he doesn't kiss me.


"Dan Taylor... I.." He just as the script said. He's kissing me in front of the whole drama class, and I'm kissing him back. It just felt... right!


"He pulled away. "You don't need to say a word. You're mine forever" Everyone was on their feet cheering... well everyone except Taylor but she doesn't matter. We walked off the stage and the bell rang for the end of class. Miss said that next lesson she'll have the parts. Taylor looks like she's going to suck up to miss to get Cerys, and everyone knows Harry'll get Daniel.


"That was... a..amazing!" Said Marcel giving me a hug.


"Yeah, well done good girl." Said Edward, patting me on the back.


"What have you got next?" Asked Harry.


"Music... after a four hour break."


"Cool. I'll hang around with you then. Shall we go to the city centre?"


"I don't know... I really need to.."


"Studying can wait until later. Come on. You're only a teenager once." It looked like I had no choice but to follow.

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