Louis Tomlinson Is My Piano Teacher?

MaKenna Jonson is just a 19 year old who wants to play piano. Her bratty sister won't teach her though. When she decides to take things into her own hands who will she bump into. Will they fall in love??? One day will change her life forever.


3. Really?

MaKenna's POV I giggled when he winked at me. "First, I'm going to teach you the basics." *skip to the end if the lesson* By the end of the lesson, I could play the beginning of "How To Save a Life" by The Fray. "Good job!" He said. "Thanks!" I smiled at him and the. He smiled back. I looked at the time. Holy crap! "I got to go!" I yelled hurrying to get up. "Wait!" Louis said. I turned around to see Louis. This is the first time I got a good look at him. He hair was wind swept and his blue eyes sparkled in the light. "Do you want to stay over?" He asked kinda shyly. I giggled. "I don't have any clothes." I said. "You can borrow some of mine!" He said. I just rolled my eyes finally giving in. "YAY!" He yelled. He jumped up and down. I started laughing hard. After what seems like forever he says, "What do you want to do?" "Watch movies?" I asked. "Heck yeah!" He got up and put in the Paranormal series. I wasn't afraid of scary movies it's just, the Paranormal just weren't my thing. He came back and sat right next to me. The movie started, and in 10 minutes, I was already cuddled up to Louis, screaming occasionally. He would just chuckle and pull me closer. Halfway through the movies drifted into a deep sleep......

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