The Infiltrator

Since she was just a little girl, Cara has always been different. She's very different. Cara can do many things she didn't know she was capable of. She has always been incredibly intelligent, a gifted writer from birth, and chess master. Cara has won many awards for advanced mathematics, decathlons, and physics. She can trust her gut in many occasions since she's probably always right. But there's a small detail about her. She's not human. Cara is an alien. Yep, an alien, or in a more scientific term, extraterrestrial. When she starts noticing strange changes to her body, like bruises and purple spots, her "mother" must confess. Cara must return to her home planet, just as she has fallen in love with a human.


2. Chapter One

Chapter One
"Let's just discuss this later." Tina laughed as she put her notebooks back into her backpack. Tina and Leila, my two best friends, and myself, had been discussing economy and many scenarios in which we could make the world a better place. 
"I still think my point is pretty accurate." I argued whilst cleaning the crumbs from Tina's bedside table. 
"Yeah sure. You live in a world of fantasy Cara, and your solutions are pretty unreal." Leila responded.
I slightly rolled her eyes. "I know, but the world is just too unfair, I guess. I'm like some sort of person that thinks of good emotionally, instead of money." I sighed. I was right though. I'm one of  the people who think of everyone being happy as a good way to change the world. I've always thought of world peace instead of monetary business. 
"But that's what makes you so unique." Tina defended.
"Yes, and that's why you're so nice." Leila came close to me and patted my back. I had the best friends ever. 
"Well, I should go home now," I said, while picking up my backpack. "It's taco Tuesday." I shrugged, making them both laugh.
"I'll go over to your house to finish that science project next week." Leila replied as she picked up their stuff too. 
"Okay." I replied, with a small nod. 
I quickly left Tina's house, waving goodbye to Mrs.Reynolds on the way out. It was a rainy day, one of those days in which the skies are dark, yet soothing. The pretichor smell was lingering in the air, one of the things that I cherished days like these. 
I kept walking home, dragging her backpack close behind her. As a car strolled by, I could see the windows rolled down, making music pour into the street. My ears could hear Birdy's piano growing stronger as the chorus made its way to the radio. 
I tried to keep up with the music, slightly increasing her walking speed. It wasn't long before the car turned to its designated house, and I couldn't hear music anymore. 
"I told you not to call me anymore." I heard someone groan.
"Sure you did. Look, I can't do this anymore. In fact, that's why we broke up three months ago." Someone kept on exclaiming. I turned around, to be faced with a teenage boy. He was on his phone, explaining who was talking. The boy looked at me, giving me a smile. I instantly blushed, turned back around, and stared at the ground. 
I wasn't exactly used to having attention from boys. Especially boys like him, who look extremely gorgeous and like total bad boys. 
"Hey." The boy said walking beside me.
"H-hi." I stuttered, tripping a bit on my shoes. Why am I so clumsy? 
"I didn't catch your name." He winked, making my face redden. 
"It's Cara." I smiled taking a better look of his face. He had messy brown hair, like Robert Pattinson's. His dark brown eyes looked friendly and gentle. I noticed that he was carrying an instrument in his bag. It looked like a guitar, or a bass. 
"That's a lovely name." He smiled, looking right into my eyes. I looked down smiling to myself.
"So, what's your name?" I asked curiously as we kept walking.
"Evan." He shrugged. 
"Cool." I smiled awkwardly.
"No way! Are you into them?" Evan suddenly exclaimed, making me jump a bit.
"Into what?" I asked confused.
"Snow Patrol!" He exclaimed whilst pointing to my binder.
"Oh, yeah! They're incredible." I cheered.
"What's your favorite song?" Evan asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
"Chasing cars. I just really like the lyrics and the way they sing it. I just don't like how it got overplayed way more than their other songs." I said, then licked my lips.
"Yeah. Mine's run." He nodded.
"I love that one too."
"I'll sing it one last time for you. Then we really have to go. You've been the only thing that's right, in all I've done." Evan started to sing very loudly. People around the neighborhood started to stare at us, making me chuckle at him. Was he really this outgoing all the time? But he really was pretty good at singing.
He paused, putting his left hand behind his ear, as if signalling me to sing as well. I shook my head no.
"Come on. Please?" He begged. I shook my head again, but eventually gave in.
"And I can barely look at you. But every single time I do, I know we'll make it anywhere away from here." I sung equally as loud. Evan started to laugh. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.
"What?" I shrugged.
"You're terrible at singing." He kept laughing, making me cross my arms.
"Yeah. That's why I didn't want to sign in the first place." I laughed as well, kicking a few rocks on the way. 
"Okay, fine." Evan sighed as he tried to stop laughing.
"Dang it. I have to go." He quickly stopped laughing, as he approached his house. The house seemed familiar, as I soon recognized who's it was.
"Isn't that Mr.Palacios' house?" I questioned. Evan gave me a smile.
"He's my grandpa." 
"You have an awesome grandpa." I grinned, earning a chuckle from him.
"Thanks. And I'll see you around, alright?" He asked. 
I nodded, as I waved goodbye. Evan waved goodbye back, and stepped inside his house. 
I continued walking, while still thinking about Evan. He seemed like a nice guy. And cool. I was actually hoping he would go to my high school, since he was new. I just knew he was new since we have a small town. Everyone knows each other, and we remember faces. Evan's wasn't from here. Maybe even Tina and him, or Leila. Who knows. He was just sort of fun. 
I looked up at the gray sky, hoping for it not to rain right now. 
But the sky didn't seem to like me, so it started to rain hard, making me start to run towards my house. My hair was soaking as well as my clothes once I stepped into my house. 
"Oh, what happened to you Cara?" My mom looked shocked, as she ran to get a towel.
"It's fine. It just started to rain really hard. That's all." I reassured. But my mom still hurried over to me, with my father close behind her. 
"You shouldn't be out late in the afternoons all by yourself." My father added as he patted mom's shoulder. 
"I wasn't alo-" I quickly cut myself off after realizing I was going to say Evan's name. 
"You weren't alone?" Dad said with a questioning look on his face. 
"Um..n-no." I stuttered. 
"Who were you with?" My father asked. See, my dad is extremely overprotective, especially when it comes to boys or strangers. Can you believe it? I'm almost seventeen and I still can't have a boyfriend. 
"Just a boy who lives around here." I sighed. My father frowned, but my mom put a hand on his shoulder making him relax.
"Okay, but just remember to call if there are any inconveniences." He smiled, as I hugged him. I started up the stairs to take a shower.
"Before I forget." My dad made me turn back around. I looked at him with a confused expression, urging him to continue. 
His eyes pointed to the kitchen counter. I turned around looking turning my gaze to the neatly wrapped box sitting there. 
"Open it." My mom urged with a small smile. I smiled myself, cautiously opening the box.  I saw the words neatly printed to the side of the box, making me chuckle. I looked at the iPhone 5 looking straight at me from its box. 
"Oh my gosh. Thank you so much!" I happily kissed my mother in the cheek, and hugged my dad tightly. 
"Well, we just thought it was time to give you some privacy and compensation for being such a good daughter." My father scratched the back of his head. 
"Thank you, again." I breathed as I ran upstairs with my phone secured tightly in my hands. Suddenly, I noticed a dark purple spot on my wrist. I frowned. When did I get that? 
"Hey mom, what's this on my wrist?" I asked with confusion spreading all over me. 
My always collected mother, seemed quite nervous and wide-eyed at the sight of the purple bruise. 
"You must have hit your hand on something. Nothing too dangerous." She swallowed. I turned to my father who had a frightened look on his face. Why were they so worried? I mean, after all, it was just a bruise. Right?
"Yes, I agree with your mother. Why don't you just take a nice, refreshing shower and join us for pancakes, yeah?" He responded with a slight smile. I nodded whilst returning the smile as I continued to my room. 
I pushed open the door to my room, instantly revealing the familiar light blue walls and the Leonardo DiCaprio poster taped neatly to the side of the wall. 
I plopped on my made bed, as I quickly discovered things to my phone, and installing my apps. 
Once I finished with that, I decided to take a shower, since the rain that was still on my clothes was making me feel sticky. I grabbed a towel and my clothes and planted the clothes on my bed. 
I stepped in the shower, humming to random songs I came up with. I ended my shower, and put my hair up with the towel, and covered my body with the other one. 
"Okay." I mumbled to myself. I put on my lose shorts and my big 'Harvard' t-shirt. My feet found my fluffy Elmo slippers, which made my feet feel so much comfortable than in my combat boots. 
I decided to go downstairs, already smelling my mother's pancakes. My left slipper fell off, making me take a step back and put it back on. At that moment, my mom and dad came to the living room, deep in discussion. I'm the curious type of person, so I decided to listen. 
"You know we can't keep the secret hidden much longer." It was my father's voice. What secret were they talking about? In our family we believe trust is the key. So much for trust, I thought. 
"Why not? We've done a good job the past sixteen years." It was my mother. I gasped silently. Sixteen years they've been lying to me. I shook my head in disapproval. 
"It's just not right." My father responded. 
My mother sighed, "You're right. She's already noticing the bruises." 
I couldn't bear to hear anything more about this secret. I stomped down the stairs, making it audible for them to know to stop talking about the secret. 
"Hello honey." My dad cheered as he took a sip of coffee. I tried to smile.
"Want some pancakes?" My mom took a plate off the cabinet and served two pancakes with extra syrup for me. 
"Thanks." I responded as she handed the plate to me, along with a mug of chocolate. 
"Do you know how much we love you?" My mom suddenly asked me. I shook my head, still with a mouthful of pancakes.
"A lot." Was all she responded. 
"And that's why we have matters to take care of. Because we love you. And we want what is best for you." My father said, as he looked at mom at the word 'matters.' I looked up to meet their eyes. I couldn't really bear to be secretly mad at them any longer. I laughed, because it seemed pretty right. 
"I love you guys too." I hugged both of them, before sitting in between them in the couch as we watched our favorite T.V. show. And the secret didn't really matter then. 

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