We belong.

A mortal comes to live an all normal life, then at the age of 16, she starts to change. She sees things others can't. Most of all she falls in love with an immortal.


2. The movies.

     I thanked Alice for the dress, and ran into her bathroom to get dressed and to do make-up.

As of right now, its 7:45 p.m. and the boys were a half hour late. Alice was getting very mad...

"Oh! Aren't they in for the lecture of their lives!" 

"Alice, calm down! Maybe they needed to go to the gas station? Or maybe, they bought us gifts!"

"Oh, I doubt that," Alice said aggravated. 

We heard something hit Alice's window... she opened it, and suddenly... I screamed.

"What's wrong?!" Alice yelled with concern.

"The window! A person! A thing! In the window!"

Alice turned back at the window, and looked. 

"It's only the boys," she said. "Maybe you're a little nervous. After all, you have liked him since the 9th grade."

Maybe Alice was right.. Maybe I was nervous... paranoid. Although, I didn't like how she said, "you have liked him since the 9th grade." It made me sound like a stalker. But she did have a point.

We ran down to the car, where the boys were in. Joseph (Alice's boyfriend), and Alice sat in the back. I sat in the passenger seat, next to Lucas Taylor.

Throughout the whole ride, all we heard was Alice lecture the boys on how, they should at least be five minutes early.. and how rude it was to be half an hour late.

But, I seemed to block everything out. All I could do, was think about that thing in the window.

It was a boy. A boy, my age.. In a black hoodie.. He was looking down... like he was upset.

It scared me. Don't we all get scared when we see an unknown figure\person, right when you open the curtains for your window.. Or is that just me?

Then I was interrupted.. By Lucas grabbing my hand and saying,

"Babe, are you okay? You're awfully quiet."

"Oh, she's just nervous. She thought she saw a person in my window! Jeez! What are you smoking, Av?!" Alice said, joking around.

"Oh, shut up Alice! It's not funny, and i'm fine. Thank you though."

"No problem," Lucas said with that precious smile on his face..

Oh my god. That sounded stalkerish.. Good thing I didn't say that out loud..

We finally arrive at the movie theaters, and Alice has the greatest idea ever, that we should split up. Boys get the popcorn, and girls get the seats.

Of course, we all agreed. We decided to sit in the back of the theater. Except for Alice and Joseph... They sat in front of us.. and started to make out, of course when the movie began.

I decided to through popcorn at them.. and then, Lucas decided to join in.

"You have good aim," He smirked.

I blushed, "Thanks. Not so bad, yourself." 

Then, near the end of the movie, Lucas did that one cheesy move, that would make any girl melt.. He pretended to yawn, and he out his arm over me.

I blushed so hard... I hoped he didn't notice... after all, we were in a movie theaters. He should be focusing on the movie.

Then, I seen that person again... the person in the window. I was so scared, I was... speechless, I didn't know what to do. He handed me something.. I don't know what it was. I shoved it in my pocket, and grabbed Lucas's hand, and squeezed it hard. I was so scared! I felt like he would protect me! But, it wasn't helping!

Then Lucas turned to me and said, "Ouch! What's wrong? Is the movie scaring you? Would you like for me to hold you?"

"Yeah, the movie.. yeah. Please?"

I sat on his lap, and he held me. It somewhat, felt better. And that smile... golly. I was drowning. Melting. I'm sitting on my crushes lap! It made me forget all about the figure.. How often do you get to sit on your crushes lap!?

The movie ended, and Alice was ready to go. She hurried us to the car. When we got home, I decided just to stay at her house. I texted my mom saying that I was at Alice's. And we both crashed out, to the sound of the music at the end of the movie, twilight.


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