That first day


3. the special morning

Lexis POV

................. BAM! He was shot down. There lay his body. Bleeding. Before he fell the knife jabbed into me. Which left me falling down the wall. Crying. Bleeding. The police came running in with the ambulance people right by there side they brought me into the ambulance and asked me if I knew him.

I said "yes. Hes my father. I don't live with him. I ran away to my moms."

They asked me of I had someone that was going to be spending the morning with me.

I said "well I was going to have a friend come over tomorrow."

They asked who.

I said "his name is niall he has my number can I call him and tell him what happened?"

They said " it's fine with us"

When I was in the hospital bed i could hear voices. They were talking about me. One sounded like niall and his friend liam. There was a girl voice too. It sounded like erin.

I wanted to open my eyes. But I couldn't. They wouldn't open.

I tried to open my mouth and talk I couldn't.

It felt like i was trapped in my own mind.

My mind was blank though no images.

It was getting smaller by the minute.




It looked like there was a light. It was getting closer. I could finally open my eyes. No one was there.

I felt alone all over again.

I couldn't open my mouth. Someone walked in and offered me some water. I didn't know how i would be able to drink it but I accepted it anyway figuring I could find a way to drink it.

It was erin. She was the one who offered me the water.

I could finally open my mouth so I took a sip out of the water.

I asked "where am I?"

She said " your in the hospital. Your dad stabbed you and you have 10 stitches going down your stomach."

I had a surprised look on my face.

I saw a man walk into the room.

I know I've seen him before but I just couldn't think of it.

I had to ask erin who he was because I was told not to let anyone that I don't know into the room.

She answered with "hes your best friend niall"

I still dont know him.

He walked over and said " your coming home with me"

And that sweet voice made me remember.

I was brought back from the hospital on Saturday morning by niall. and when we got out of the car I couldn't walk so he had to pick me up bridal style. When we got inside the whole house was empty he sat me down and asked me what I wanted for a snack.

I said "if u have any Oreos I'll have some."

When he came back in he had 2 packages of Oreos and he said that one was all mine.

We were picking out movies and we decided to watch the lucky one.

We leaned back and I leaned my head on his shoulder and fell asleep.

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