That first day


2. Friday

Lexis POV

It's was the end of the the day on Friday only 15 more minutes of English. I was so happy that Saturday was tomorrow.

I blinked but realized I was falling into a deep sleep


I was walking down the hall. It was so empty the only thing I could hear were the tapping of my feet hitting the ground. I heard voices screaming out "WATCH OUT. HES COMING FOR YOU. RUN HES BEHIND YOU!"

I heard someone else in the hall. I realized it was niall and I felt better but I saw that he had on hand behind his back.

I was tempted to ask him what was behind his back so I did.

He said " why don't you come closer to find out."

He started running after me down the hall I was trapped in a corner and couldn't move. I was scared.

He said " you wont feel anything after this." and pulled out a knife and........

(End of dream)

I woke up by the bell. Finally the day ended. I walked up to niall in the hallway to ask him what time he was going to come over he said "11:30 and I can stay all day" I said "ok"

When I got home i saw a note that my mom and step dad left me it said " we wont be home till Monday morning sweatheart be safe and we love you"

i went upstairs to change out of jeans into sweat pants.

When I came down stairs I thought I put my bag on the counter in the kitchen but I guess I put it in the living room.

I walked over to the fridge to get a snack to only realize I wanted pizza. When I was ordering the pizza I thought I heard the front door open but I guess I was imagining things.

When I was waiting for the pizza man to show up i heard my parents room door open.

I was walking up the stairs with a bat when I turned not even fully around there he was. He pushed me down the stairs I got up as fast as I could i heard a doorbell ring it was the pizza man I was screaming so he said " I'm going to call 911"

i didnt go to the door because somehow he was infront of it. So I ran to the living room. He was in there right behind me. He trapped me in a small area where I couldn't run and said "YOU STUPID BITCH. YOU LEFT ME FOR THESE ASS HOLES. YOU RAN AWAY FROM ME AND YOUR STEP MOM. YOU MADE US FEEL PAIN NOW ITS YOUR TURN!" He pulled out a knife. And put it up against my neck.

I could hear the sirens infront of my house the poultice were banging on the door my dad said "NEXT MOVE YOU MAKE ITS HER!" The police barged in and............

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