That first day


1. first day

Nialls POV

I was walking into school on Friday and I saw my friends. They wanted me to meet the new girl Lexi with them. So we walked over to her and she was with her friends Erin and Emily.

Liam whispered in my ear " I think that Erin girl is kinda cute"

I didn't know whether to tell him that I think the lexi girl is so cute but I decided to keep it to myself cause I think Louis has the hots for her too.

We all introduced each other. Liam made it so obvious that he liked her.

Lunch came around and we all sat together. I sat next to Lexi and Harry.

I walked up to lexi after lunch and asked her " are you busy on Saturday night?"

She said " no would u like to hang out cause I think my parents are going out of town.

Lexis POV

When I got home my parents asked me if the first day went well.

I said " it went really well. I made a lot of new friends. And would it be ok if one of my new friends came over on Saturday?"

My mom said " what friend? Girl or boy?"

"Hes a boy and his name is Niall"

My mom told me that she did care who I had come over as long as we weren't doing anything to dirty.

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