Cry Me a River

Marley McCarthy was your typical "popular girl" who ruled the school and seemed perfect. But in order for that to have happened, she had to erase the pain which she had encountered years before. But, when her past comes back to haunt her, she has to make difficult decisions. She cannot trust anyone anymore and she grows distant from people, just to find closure. Someone close to her is hiding something that is unforgivable. But, not everyone always achieves what they dream of and that is called life.
Please note that this story takes place in 2008 so times have changed technologically and with trends.


3. Handler's My Buddy

It's better if you distance yourself from Louis. Try to just let him do his own thing. Wait, who is the other person of interest? Why are they a person of interest? Are the police actually onto something since they have found out that it can't possibly be only one person doing it, they must have a helper. But who would help, wouldn't it be too risky? I'm not a criminal, so I guess I will never know. And what if the two-or more of them get mad at each other, will one rat the other one out? It just doesn't seem worth it to me at least.
"Marley! Chase is here to see you!" my dad calls from downstairs. 
"Coming!" I leap out of bed with Dot trailing in a close second. I jump down the stairs two at a time, I want someone to talk to that isn't Louis for once. 
"Hey Mar," says Chase and I hug him close to me. It is such a good feeling to be loved and wanted. 
"Can we please watch Dance Moms today?" I bat my eyelashes. I hate that show, but again, image. Chase usually wants to watch sports or when we "compromise" the news. He rolls his eyes and sighs but agrees, "Fine. But I can't believe how bitchy Kristie is!"
I laugh, "So you have caught up?"
Yea caught up with my Googling. 
"Girl, I don't like you even questioning me. Kay kay."
I punch him in the arm, he's such a girl. He lifts me up and drops me onto the Living Room couch as I try to break free of his grasp. Dad is just standing their in the other room completely creeped out, "Um, Marley, I'll be downstairs exercising."
"Sounds good," I say before Chase pulls me back down. I get the TV remote and I press that little power button thing. Of course it's the news. I quickly change the station, I don't want to even think about it. I put on the show and I sit next to him on the couch. I take a handful of popcorn from the coffee table in front of me. Oh there goes Kelly attacking Abby, just another day. I lean my head against his shoulder and he wraps his arms around the thinnest point of my waist.
"Marley. Something has been bothering you. Please just tell me, I can help," Chase looks at me long and hard. I sort of crack, "It's just so hard with the case and everything. How am I supposed to sleep at night? What if the people who took them are going to hurt me?"
"I'll kick their ass if they come near you. But, people? I though that it was just one person."
"A lot of people believe that it is more than one person. Like it is almost physically impossible for one person to take two people, there must have been help," I sigh. Hearing it aloud is a lot worse than hearing it in my head. 
"So there could be like twenty of them?"
"I guess so. I don't want to think about it, but yes. I bet the police are doing everything in their power to find them though and they are more motivated than ever."
There's an awkward silence between the two of us and the sound of the television fills in the background noise. 
"What if they don't find who took your family?"
"Then I don't know what I'll do," I whisper in a shaky voice as a single tear rolls down my cheek. 

"Why didn't you answer last night?" Lou demands the next day. 
"I was busy," yea any normal person right now would be like "no shit Sherlock." Is it a crime not to answer a phone call since you want to be alone? Get back to me on that one. 
"Yea? Doing what?"
"Why is this such a big deal to you? The police came over and so did Chase."
"Is he one of their suspects?"
"No! For heaven's sake why would he? He came over after and we watched some Dance Moms."
Lou's face softens as it only does when he's thinking hard about something, "Marley, you can't be okay. I have known you for seven years now and you will never willing watch a reality TV show unless your mad. You will watch the news, then Google what happened on the Kardashians. Honestly, what is wrong?"
"It's nothing, I promise. Chase wanted to watch TV with me and that show happened to be on. End of story."
He doesn't look very convinced, but nods his head and goes along with it, "What times do you have to see the officer?"
"Right now, during 7th and during 8th period. I'll see you later and I promise to call."
I flash a forced smile over my shoulder as I walk yet again to the main office. That office and I have become thisclose. Like we are in a very committed relationship. I honestly don't know what is up with Louis. Surely he can't know that he is a person of interest, the police would rather shoot themselves then tell him the truth. They are probably watching him right now, analyzing every move. But there is only so much that the government can do. They cannot follow him everywhere or watch him when he is home. School is fair game since it's a public building that belongs to the government, belongs to them which is enough to send shivers up my spine. 
"Sup Officer Handler," I think we have met enough times to be close buddies. He gives me a wave and motions for me to sit down next to him. My father is not here for once which is strange feeling. I take a seat next to Officer Handler and I let myself sink into the soft cushions. I fold my arms in front of my chest until he begins to speak, "As you know, we have another person of interest besides Mr. Tomlinson, but again, for your safety I cannot tell you. But, what I do want you to do is pay close attention to the actions done by people around you. I cannot stress how important this is to your safety. Try to act normal, but don't go to dinner on a Friday night or to the library after school. That's a perfect time for the criminal or criminals to attack you. I am going to need to know where you are day and night. I only want you going to school and back home. If you need to buy something, tell one of the police officers and we will buy it for you. There are people also out there that think you and your father are lying about this all."
"That's crazy, they disappeared one day."
"I know, but don't talk to the media. They can twist your story to make it sound like you may have hurt Dawn or Meredith, both of which I know you have not done. You can only say something to reporters if my staff and only my staff tells you to, no other time. Okay?"
"Got it."
My voice trembles as I say those words. How could something so simple seem so far out of reach? I twist my fingers, I just can't collect all of my words together. I want to know why else Louis is a person of interest and who is the other one. Why can't I just know? If the person or people were really dangerous, then they would have killed the police staff already, so I am not really worried to be honest. 
"Can people come over to my house anytime?"
"Only with permission from the police force. Before you invite anyone over, you must call me and give me their name. I will do a few simple background checks on them and their family. I will text you after a few minutes with only yes or no. These texts should not be shared under any circumstances. Keep a pass code on your phone and don't let any person go on your phone. You wouldn't want to risk your life now would you?"
I gulp, "No sir."
I fold my arms over my chest not in stubbornness, but rather from the chills that have been sent up my spine. I have absolutely no privacy whatsoever and that is against my rights. But, it is that or dying so I choose the being stalked by a new group. 

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