Cry Me a River

Marley McCarthy was your typical "popular girl" who ruled the school and seemed perfect. But in order for that to have happened, she had to erase the pain which she had encountered years before. But, when her past comes back to haunt her, she has to make difficult decisions. She cannot trust anyone anymore and she grows distant from people, just to find closure. Someone close to her is hiding something that is unforgivable. But, not everyone always achieves what they dream of and that is called life.
Please note that this story takes place in 2008 so times have changed technologically and with trends.


8. A Little Support

"But I flipping hate her!" I complain, "I just cannot deal with someone like her."
I pick at my frozen dinner. My father sits next to me at the table, "But she's the best that there is. And we're really lacking in public support at the moment."
How can Estelle be "the best that there is?" She's barely out of university. There must be some talented, better person to guide us. Not some university student off of the street that probably still lives in her parents' basement. With designer everything I may add. She could potentially hurt us more than help us. Plus we have some public support. Not everyone thinks my father and I are cold-blooded murderers. I push away my dinner. I don't even want to think about being forced to see her everyday until this shit is over. Which could be a very, very, very long time, "Excuse me."
I walk to my room. The first thing I do once I get in is close the curtains. I don't need MSNBC boy filming me again. It's personal privacy and I could take him to court for that. I sit on my bed and turn on the television. There must be some people that believe my side of the story. The Five, the show I interned at comes up on the screen. The banner at the bottom reads, What Happened to Dawn and Meredith? Eric is speaking about general facts about the case, the ones that are unbiased like how Mum and Meredith went missing. The other co-hosts are squirming uncomfortably in their seats. They remember me. 
"Kimberly, as a former prosecutor, what would you make of this case?" asks Eric. She looks like a deer in headlights, clearly not ready for that question, "Um, well, I think it's too early to come to any definite decisions, um..."
Co-host Dana clearly sees her struggling and jumps in, "I think I'd give the family the benefit of the doubt, they seemed completely shocked about the whole entire thing."
Kimberly nods in agreement and there's an awkward moment of silence. No one knows what to say. Even Greg that could make a joke out of anything stares at his unicorn mug. Bob looks at his feet and Eric flips through some papers and newspapers, "This family has been through so much and I don't think that Marley McCarthy could've done anything."
Eric obviously can't say on television that he knows me. Bob tries to help, "Exactly, this case is so complicated, there's no cold, hard evidence that the family did anything. I feel for the family and it must be awful to have to deal with rumors that you were involved with the kidnappings when there's no proof that you actually did anything."
Thank you, Bob. He honestly is one of the nicest people in the business. He has been through so much crap in his life like addiction, alcoholism, and once got stabbed in the chest by a homeless man. But he still cares for those around him. And he never gets enough credit. 
"Alright coming up, President Obama..." Eric teases into the next segment. At least I have The Five behind me, it is not like Estelle even is. 


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