New girl


1. new girl

Chapter 1:

"Wake up honey your gonna be late for your plane to England!" My mom yelled at me from down stairs. I hated the idea of moving to my dads, but I had to. She had to move to Australia and she would be really busy with her new job so she wouldn't be able to take care of me. My mom and dad are divorced so this is the first time they have talked in about 4 years. I'm 16 now so they divorced when I was 12.

"I'm up, I'm up!" I yelled back to her. I still haven't packed yet, and I'm leaving in 3 hours... Great. I jumped in the shower. I took About ten minutes and then jumped out and put on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a flowered tank top. I put on a gray and yellow Aeropostale sweatshirt over it with a pair of black furry boots. I straightened my hair and pinned back my side bangs (which I hate). I put on a little bit of eye liner and mascara, then a little bit of blush.

Then I started to pack. I wondered about how I will make friends since I will have to leave my old friends (which I will miss very much). :(

I've been packing for over an hour now. "Olivia!! Hurry up we need to get to the airport," my mom yelled.

"Alright mom, WOW!" I yelled back. Maybe it want such a bad idea living with my dad. I had two big bags of clothes that I NEED! I ran downstairs to see my mom mad at me.

"What?!" I asked annoyed

" I've been waiting for you for 10 minutes to get done we are going to be late," my mom said.

" no we won't we still have 45 minutes to get there." I said. We both walked to the car putting my stuff in the back. I got bored so I turned on the radio. Midnight Memories came on and I started singing.

When we got there I got my ticket and waited. They finally called my plane and I got up and said good bye to my mom. She started to cry. -_-

I got on the plane and found my seat (window seat, yay!) 5 minutes passed and nobody sat next to me, when a boy was looking for his seat and sat next to me. He didn't pay much attention to me when he looked up at me.

Then he said in a hot British accent, "hello, my name is Liam, what's yours?" I think he saw me staring cause he said again, "hello?"

"Oh! Sorry, hi my name is Olivia," I said a little bit embarrassed. He started to laugh. This is going to be a good plane ride. ;)

Author's note- sooo should I keep it... Or nawwww?? Like for another chapter. What will happen between Olivia and Liam?

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