More Than Enough

"Best friends forever?"
"Forever and a day."

18 year old Acacia and 19 year old Justin have been best friends, inseparable, ever since they met at a beach when they were only 4 years old. They've been each others family ever since. Gone through both the best and the worst times together. What will happen when Acacia realizes she's madly in love with her best friend? Will Justin feel the same way, or will he reject her and lose her forever?


1. Happy Anniversary

15 years from today, I met my best friend, Justin. We were four years old, at a small beach in Cali. I was just making sand castles, all by myself by the sea shore...

' The warm sun prickled against my forehead as I grabbed 2 buckets from the bag. As usual, my dad left when he saw me digging through the sand.

My light pink sun hat fell off at the feet of a small boy who appeared to be the same age as me. He gently picked it up and handed it to me saying, "Hi, my name is Justin. Do you want to build a sandcastle?" At first, I was confused as no one had ever asked me to play with them before. I had no friends because my dad never took me around kids.

"Yes!" I grabbed a bucket and handed it to him, along with a few shells I had found earlier.

"Ooh, these shells are niice."

We began making a sandcastle, and soon, we were splashing water everywhere. My sun hat was dripping wet. Then, his mom came over.

"Justin, honey you're dripping wet! Come on, I'll get you a towel sweetie and then we have to go home." And she smiled. I wish I had someone who cared for me like that. "Oh, is she your new friend?"

"Yes mommy! Can she come home with us? Pweeese?" Justin put on his puppy dog eyes.

"But sweetie, we can't just take her. Her mommy and daddy will be very worried."

"Mommy, can she come over another time then?"

"Yes of course. i just need to talk to her daddy. What is your name sweetie?"

"Acacia." I looked up and saw something I'd never seen in my dads eyes. Love. Concern. Care. '

So, it all just went off from there. We always went to each others houses and went to the same schools. I was usually always at Justin's house because obviously my dad has never really wanted me after my mother died. 

Anyways, I was thinking of recreating the whole scene in a play or something as a gift for Justin, but its hard when the person you're trying to arrange something for lives right across from you. Yes, he lives in the apartment across from mine with his friend Sean. 

"KAY-SHA HAPPY FIFTEENTH!" yells Justin, running to pull me into a hug. 

"HAPPY FIFTEENTH JUSTIN," I giggled as Justin gave me a bouquet and some chocolate. "AW, Justin, thank you!"

I smiled as I pulled him into another hug.

"Fifteen years enduring a little asshole like him. How do you do it?" Sean chuckles. 

"Fuck off Sean," says Justin, punching him in the arm. I smile a little and stare at Justin. Fifteen years as friends. If I lose him, I don't think I'd ever be able to be happy again. He's been with me through thick and thin. When my family didn't care anymore, he pulled me into his arms and helped me overcome every fear I had in life. Except for the fear of losing him.

4.5 hours later - Justin's POV

"Come on man, trust me she'll love it. Stop worrying so much. You two are best friends, does it really matter what you get each other?" says Sean. 

"I know, but I don't know. I just feel something different this year." I let out a small chuckle and looked at the two diamond bracelets with the print, "II-IV-MMXVI" on it, marking the date, April 2 2001, when we first met.

Fifteen years later and I finally decided to give her a serious present. The date we met is probably the most important date in my life. I was never the type of person to believe in true relationships of any kind, but after meeting Acacia, I just became a different person. A better person. 

Acacia's POV

Staring at the tickets for the cruise, I zone out. This cruise is something on our bucket-lists of things we both want to do before we die. Each year, I try to get him something that would complete something off of our lists. This cruise means something a little more to me than the rest. This is where I want to tell Justin everything that has been on my mind for the past couple years. I'm just scared. What if I say something wrong? Everything we've had in these 15 years might all just shatter. This relationship that is inseparable might even separate. I don't wanna do this, but I can't just keep it inside of me forever now can I?

"Awe, you two going on a cruise I see," teased Alexia, my roomate.

"Lexi, it's Justin's anniversary gift," I say, annoyed to see her creeping on me. 

"Yeah, of course. Don't tell me you two are going as friends. You're way past that stage."

"We're going as friends, but I hope we'll return as 'way past that stage,'" I almost mumble.

"Gotcha," says Lexi, pouring coffee into two mugs. "You better. It's been too long!"

Two years. That's how long I've been in love in Justin. That's also how long I've practically been lying about everything we did 'as friends.' In just a week, when we'll be on the cruise, things could change entirely. I could lose him forever, or our relationship can get stronger. After talking to Lexi, I feel a lot less nervous, but the more I think about it, the more I wish it never happened. I know, it's kinda horrible to wish I hadn't fallen in love with Justin, but I just didn't want to fall in love with my best friend. Everything could change for the worst. 

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