Alicia's first love

This story is about a girl named Alicia. She has been friends with Jesse for years. But she has always had a crush on him. He has also had a crush on her. Will there relationship work out?


3. "I love you"

The next morning I went to school and he wasn't there. "He probably went home while I was sleeping. I called his house just to make sure. His mom, Becky, answered and said "I thought he was with you." I got really scared when she said that. I said "ok. Thank you Becky" my voice was shaky and I hung up the phone. Despite the worry I got dressed and went to school. He wasn't there. I got really scared then. But I went on with my school work. Everyone was asking what was wrong. I just said "nothing, I didn't get any sleep and I'm tired. But that was a lie because that wasn't what was wrong. My best friend, Anna finally came up to me and said "I know something is wrong and don't say it was sleep because it's not. It's something else. What is it?" I burst out in tears and said "Jesse is gone. No one knows where he is. I don't even know where he is." I finally stopped crying and Anna said "let's see if he comes to school. If he don't we will track him down after school is over. " I looked at her and shook my head.

A few minutes later he came through the door, I ran to him and looked in his eyes, they were blood shot and he smelt like beer. he looked at me, ashamed. Then he said "I was out at a party, but I have no idea what happened." I got really mad because I knew he was drunk. I said "that's because you're drunk! why would you drink?" he looked at me confused like he was trying to remember something he spoke up and said "I don't know but all I know I was with you, one of my friends called me, the next thing I knew I was at a party with a drink in..." I slapped him before he could finish and ran away, crying. He tried to come after me but his friends stopped him to ask him how the party was. I went the restroom and wiped my eyes while trying to stop crying. Then Anna walked in and asked me what was wrong, I said "its James, he was at a party and he got drunk. So I slapped him and ran away." She said "well I think you did the right thing." I shook my head in agreement and said "yes I guess I did." I wiped my eyes again and went to my next class. It was English so I didn't have to face Jesse after I hit him.

Later that day he came to me and said "I'm sorry Alicia, I messed up. I shouldn't have went to that party. I was being dumb. I love you so much. Can I have another chance? I promise I won't mess up this time." I looked at him smiled and said "well, I guess you can have another chance. I love you too." He took me in his arms and kissed me. I felt safe again.

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