2. Clean Slate

***6 Months Earlier***

Clara is an 18 year old girl moving out to California. She originally lived in New York City. Clara moved out there just to get away from New York to forget her past. She wanted to start with a clean slate. She didn't really even care about college, what was she planning to do with her life? Nothing for now anyway.

Clara pushed the key into the lock and unlocked her new apartment. Clara never took risks like this, so this was new and different to her. She opened the door and dropped her bag on the floor. Glancing around the room, she noticed her furniture and boxes where already there thanks to the movers. They had brought it up earlier that morning. Taking her car keys she opened one box labeled kitchen, and as she pulled out some plates there was a knock on the door. She turned around and saw a young man standing in the door frame. The boy was muscular and tall. He had emerald green eyes and a long brown mop of curls on the top of his head.

"Hello, should I come back later?"

"Oh, no that's fine." she stood up and walked towards the door.

"My name is Harry and I'm your neighbor, I'm right across the hall in number 17."

"Hi I'm Clara" she said looking at the floor. Clara was very shy and she's never really had many friends before.

"Well if you need anything you know were I'll be."

"Yes thank you" and with that Harry was off down the hall way. I watched as Harry went into his apartment and shut the door. I went back to unpacking the plates and putting them in the cabinet. How did he know that quickly that she was here? That wasn't her biggest concern right now, she need to finish unpacking. Then I heard a door slam and there came a boy flying down the hallway. I ran to the door to see what was happening and it was Harry running down the hallway after a blonde boy. Well Clara being her curious self, she thought it wouldn't hurt to see what was happening. It wasn't her business but before she knew it she was creeping down the hallway after him.

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