The reason I am why I am. Why I feel how I do. Why my mind works so different. Why I work under an alias. Why I won't show my face.


1. Matricide.

I was just a boy when it happened again.

She was the cause of all my pain.

Did you ever care? if you did give a fuck,

you'd have put down the bottle and just gave up.

Now I'm a fucking robot with my superficial charm!

you still fucking say it never did me any harm!!!

I lack true emotion and my empathys shot.

Should I just find a rope and tie a slip knot?

You didn't even care, you never could!

you still don't care that you drew blood! 

I wish you were dead, and covered in flies!

I'll cave in your face and gouge out your eyes.

you stole all the years, that I'll never get back!

I'm emotionally broken my heart strings have slack.

my heads in my hands and I'm trying to decide.

do I try and forget, or commit matricide.

Happy Mother's Day Cunt!

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